Campaign for "More Democracy" in Turkey

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The freedom of the word is in acute danger in Turkey. Since the coup attempt in July 2016, the Turkish government is vehemently opposing anti-government journalists and the media. This aggravates the already tense situation for media in Turkey. The passports of journalists are confiscated, authors are arrested. About 130 media houses have already been closed, including 29 book publishers, which were also expropriated.

Among journalists and publishers prevail fear and Existenznot. In Turkey freedom of speech is trampled underfoot. The freedom of the word is a human right and not negotiable. Freedom of expression, information and the press are the basis of a free and democratic society. We call on the Federal Government and the EU Commission to take a clear stance on the situation in Turkey, to demand uncompromising and active freedom of expression in their decisions, actions and statements and not to make them a subject of negotiation. If freedom of speech is attacked and massively curtailed in Turkey and other parts of the world, the Federal Government and the EU Commission must review their policy towards such countries. In addition, journalists, authors, and writers need quick help from Germany and Europe, for example through the non-bureaucratic issuance of emergency visas.
Journalists, authors and publishers, books, newspapers and magazines make an important contribution to democracy and freedom. Therefore, we are committed to freedom of expression, information and the press. Support our petition and join us for these basic rights! For the word and freedom!

Our actions engage the media and ensure that these important humanitarian issues are not forgotten. Please share our projects on Facebook! If you support our cause, we would be grateful for any donation so that we can continue our campaigns on a permanent basis. Even a few euros make a difference! Sharing is Caring. Please support our charitable work.


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