Welcome to the federal government

The Buntesregierung is an art project of the PixelHELPER that addresses important social problems in other ways by establishing fictitious “Buntesministerien”. In doing so, the federal government of course interferes differently in current issues than the federal government does. Here is a statement by Angela Merkel on Julian Assange.

These demands of the federal government have international effects. Here is a reaction from the Queen and Boris Johnson.

Other countries are responding to the demands of Chancellor Angela Merkel with a different New Year's address, here from Switzerland

After Angela Merkel, Queen, Boris Johnson and the Swiss national president, Donald Trump also had to say something about it.

The “Buntesministerium gegen Homelessness” distributed cold capsules for the homeless on an artistic arrangement by Angela Merkel. Here you will find two videos that illustrate these activities.

In order to change society from an artistic point of view, the PixelHELPER have included various “colorful” projects:

Buntesrat, Buntespolizei, Buntes Ministry of Finance, Bunteskanzler, Buntesnachrichtendienst, Bunteskriminalamt, Buntestag, Buntespresseversammlung, Buntesamt for the protection of the constitution and the Bunteswehr. Together with artists from all over the world, campaigns on the individual projects are gradually being published.


Colorful intelligence service

Deep Fake Laboratory for Human Rights

Deep fake: A lie for the hope that leads to revolution!

A deep fake is a new form of video editing. From synthetic voices to adjusting the movement of the mouth, we can create any video. Totalitarian state leaders submit their resignation in the video, a long war is ended, a revolution is proclaimed, an alternative New Year's address arises - the possibilities that deepfakes offer are infinitely deep. The PixelHELPER Deep Fake Laboratory has already produced various deep fakes. See a selection on this website. If you have any questions, please contact us via the point contact.

Angela Merkel demands the pardon of Julian Assange from the Queen and Boris Johnson
The Queen and Boris Johnson react immediately, of course.
Donald Trump pardons Julian Assange and Edward Snowden
Angela Merkel founds the Federal Ministry of Color against homelessness

Thai Democracy Defender Fund

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Please donate to paypal@PixelHELPER.tv for further actions against the king

Nude football. The Thai king takes over the patronage for the project XXXSoccer from PixelHELPER. In the first game, his 26 ladies from the harem compete against each other, Rama X. is the referee, his two queens are in the goal.
We are now looking for a soccer field, tailoring costumes and broadcasting the game in a livestream. Support us here:
#Sextourist Embassy Thailand Lightart Projection
We celebrate democracy in Thailand on June 24, 2020. The band Faiyen has spoken out the king's resignation speech

Killed for Rama X.
In search of justice

Thais fighting for democracy and freedom of speech are supporting the international PixelHELPER Foundation to launch a protest campaign against King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand, a cruel and violent monarch who, with the help of his allies, rules through fear and intimidation in the military.

The 67-year-old monarch became king in 2017, but hardly spends time in Thailand. For several years he has been spending most of his time in the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in the German city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, together with a harem of 20 women and an entourage of more than 100 employees and palace officials.

Many of the women in his harem and servants in his wake are prisoners in Germany. They don't want to serve Vajiralongkorn, but they have no choice. Sources working for the king in Bavaria say that employees who displease him are routinely beaten and flogged by Vajiralongkorn's henchmen as punishment. The blows are filmed because Vajiralongkorn likes to watch videos of sufferers.

In Thailand, the king set up a prison and punishment camp in one of his palaces. Officials and military personnel can be sent there for months for minor violations. They are tortured, beaten and mistreated on the orders of Vajiralongkorn.

At least three people who work for the king have died in recent years. The palace claims that two of them committed suicide and the third died from a blood infection, but it is common knowledge that all three were tortured and murdered.

Since 2016, nine Thai democracy activists seeking exile abroad have been murdered. There is overwhelming evidence that they were killed by Thai intelligence agencies who followed Vajiralongkorn's instructions.

The king is above the law in Thailand and can act with impunity. The constitution gives him absolute power and no one can bring civil or criminal charges against him.

He is protected and supported by ultra-royalist generals who lead the Thai armed forces. The Thai military, like the monarchy, is an enemy of democracy. In the past century, the army has conquered power twelve times in military coups and is constantly interfering in politics. Thailand has never been able to develop sustainable democracy because the monarchy and military have conspired to undermine electoral policy. Vajiralongkorn is in direct command of an army of more than 50.000 Royal Guard soldiers in Thailand to suppress any contradiction.

Four times in the modern history of Thailand - 1973, 1976, 1992 and 2010 - the Thai military massacred civilians protesting on the streets of Bangkok to demand democracy. The army has killed far more Thai civilians than it has ever killed foreign soldiers in a real war.

Vajiralongkorn is now in his fourth marriage. He left and humiliated his first wife shortly after their marriage and finally divorced her. His second wife was banished from Thailand in 1996 along with the couple's four sons. He divorced his third wife in 2014, forced her into house arrest, and initiated a brutal cleanup of her family. Her parents, three brothers, a sister, her uncle and several other relatives were arrested.

Vajiralongkorn married his current queen a year ago, but he rarely sees her and prefers to spend most of his time with his harem at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl while his wife lives in a hotel in the Swiss city of Engelberg.

Vajiralongkorn is the richest monarch in the world with a personal fortune of more than 50 billion euros. But this wealth is not enough for him - every year he demands a huge amount from the state budget, which is financed by the Thai taxpayer. This year the king will receive more than 815 million euros from the Thai budget.

Ordinary people are desperate and starving as the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across Thailand and the world, while the king at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl lives in luxury, wastes huge amounts of taxpayer money, and abuses his harem and his servants. Employees who are beaten and abused do not dare to contact the German police because they are afraid that their families may be retaliated in Thailand.

Most Thais are aware of their king's crimes and cruelty, but their voices are silenced by draconian laws. Anyone who criticizes the monarchy is in prison years ago.

It is not just Thais who suffer from King Vajiralongkorn. He also burdens German taxpayers because the state has to pay for him for security and protection. He commits human rights violations on German soil - trafficking and abuse of women and brutalization of his servants, whom he treats like slaves. The Germans shouldn't have to tolerate this in their country.

Therefore, Thai democracy activists support the PixelHELPER Foundation to take measures together.

We want the world to learn about Vajiralongkorn's corruption and cruelty.

We want him to stop torturing Thai people.

We want Germany to kick him out because he violated several laws.

We want him to be tried in Thailand for his crimes.

And we won't end our campaign until he is sent home to face justice.

If you support us, please send us a message and donate to PixelHELPER on our website: https://pixelhelper.org/en/hilfe/

Together we can end Vajiralongkorn's reign of fear and bring real democracy to Thailand.

European canned bread emergency aid - food stability for Africa

Delivery of bread to the poor rural population of Ait Faska

Welcome to the Afrikahilfe project of PixelHELPER. Immediately after the death of Karl Heinz Böhm of Menschen für Menschen, we drove 2014 to Morocco to lay the foundation for our activities in Africa. Now, 5 Years later, we have achieved quite a bit and are able to provide development aid throughout Africa. It's easier to organize from our North African headquarters than it is from Europe.

Project start in the middle of the stone desert.
Project status August 2019

We have converted a small farm, 40 km from Marrakech in Morocco, into an interactive livestream studio. In production under the eyes of the cameras, we use our self-programmed interactive livestream swarm aid software, which we will also offer to other development aid organizations for future use. 

PixelHELPER wants to give people the freedom to shape their lives self-determined and self-reliant without material hardship and to give their children a good future. PixelHELPER contributes to the sustainable improvement of worldwide economic, social, ecological and political conditions. PixelHELPER combats poverty and promotes human rights, the rule of law and democracy. PixelHELPER contributes to the prevention of crises and violent conflicts. PixelHELPER promotes a socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and thus sustainable shaping of globalization.

We presented our livestream swarm aid software at a TED Talk in Marrakech in 2014. The farm is the first practical place where we use our software. We look forward to new supporters and visitors to our project.

Firing the largest charcoal stove in North Africa, Ait Faska Morocco
(5 meter flat roof construction, very rare)

With canned bread against food shortages caused by war and climate change

To see the Instagram feed you need to add your own API Token to the Instagram Options page of our plugin.

 interactive production platforms for relief supplies

Livestream swarm help software

We presented our livestream swarm aid software at a TED Talk in Marrakech. A TED Talk is an event where trend-setting speeches are given on topics that move us and will move us in the future.

European canned bread emergency aid

The Mbera refugee camp is 2000 kilometers from the PixelHELPER livestream headquarters. The bakery of our canned bread emergency aid produces long-life bread for refugee camps and disaster areas. The spirulina algae produced in Morocco are supposed to help against malnutrition and malnutrition in the warehouse. W.We want to build a location in front of the refugee camp and use our livestream swarm help software to help people. The refugee camp is the 4 largest city in Mauritania, we want to make sure that the suffering of the war refugees is alleviated.

The PixelHELPER have created a unique space and bring the audience closer to the production of relief goods in Africa. Emergency cubes come with a sleeping bag, gas stove, first aid kit & amp; Flashlight equipped. Everything you need when you lose your home after a natural disaster.

Support our project

IBAN DE93 4306 0967 1190 1453 00
Keyword: Promotion of Art & Culture

We create jobs & prospects

We create jobs and create a perfect development with the construction of public football pitches, public swap cabinets and cultural offerings. As our region is in the midst of an economically rural region, many local companies and raw material suppliers benefit from orders and can hire new employees themselves.

Morocco is the most modern country in Africa.

From Morocco we reach all African countries with sea containers with the deep-sea ports in Tangier and Casablanca. The connection to Europe is excellent. From the Spanish mainland to Marrakech, there are just 6 hours by car.

We have created a center here to quickly coordinate humanitarian aid and bring it to your destination quickly by car, sea container or plane. Here on the site we can easily manufacture everything that people in refugee camps need. We will set up the first outpost in front of the UNHCR camp in Mauritania.

Our livestream technology generates 6 interactive boxes on the left side of the live video. These boxes can be changed by us at any time regarding the activity and the amount of donations. We have created an interactive swarm help function that will enable us to respond to the current situation in refugee camps and provide direct assistance.

The capabilities of our Schwarmhilfe software are also available for other NGOs. Contact us.

Forced labor camp Bou Arfa A Holocaust memorial in Morocco

Demolition by 2 bulldozers through the Moroccan state. The obelisk was a sundial and had nothing to do with the Uygur memorial.

Although a majority Muslim population lives in Morocco, the Uighurs are not supported in China. We built a memorial for this, which was only noticed by the Arab press after a newspaper in Israel reported on the similar form to the Berlin Holocaust memorial. BBC Arabic reported on the project. This triggered an international press boomerang in which the coverage was no longer focused on the Uyghurs but on the Israel / Palestine conflict. Artwork succeeded!  

The Moroccan Holocaust story on Wikipedia never mentioned the slave labor camps in the desert where Jews died. Our memorial was destroyed by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior after a year of construction. We brought the subject of forced labor into the history of Morocco at Wikipedia in order to fight against historical falsification & anti-Semitism. And that although it was an art installation from the beginning to point out the human rights violations of China against the Uyghurs. 

The boomerang of art once again flew a creative arc to fight anti-Muslim racism and to mention the forgotten forced laborers within Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Morocco does not know such forms of action art. The team
On our Moroccan site, with the replica of the Orthanc tower from Lord of the Rings, the Moroccan authorities make life difficult. A soup kitchen for 500 people from the German THW was confiscated, a grave for a German development worker with bulldozers was destroyed and a development aid bakery, from which the population benefited directly, was razed to the ground. 


In the forced labor camps in Morocco, thousands of people died working on the Sahara railway. As a result, Morocco also has a Holocaust story. They call Bouarfa the Auschwitz of the desert

Open Letter to King Mohammed 6 of Morocco.

Dear Highness Mohammed VI, Art is not a crime. Our German organization for human rights & for the promotion of art & culture urgently has to complain to you about serious human rights violations in Morocco. It all started with a mobile soup kitchen for Africa, which your customs authorities in Tangier have confiscated since May 2018 because we are supposed to want to sell soups commercially in Marrakech. For a year now we have seen people eating from garbage cans and our soup kitchen would certainly have helped some people to get full. Why are your officials tearing down our artist garden? Your authorities did not respond to the building application in September 2018. Every day we tried to establish contact with your administration via all channels in the country from Parliament through your Moroccan embassies, which did not work. They never answered. In December 2018, our PixelHELPER development worker Tombia Braide died because he was so upset about the behavior of the authorities that he died of a heart attack. Of course, he was buried as a memorandum without anyone present and the blame was put on the Moroccan undertaker. We built a sundial in memory of him, it was destroyed by its bulldozers. We invested € 100.000 in Morocco within one year. Operated a canned bread bakery to ensure food stability in Africa and provided our village with free bread every day. Your gendarmerie takes visitors from us to the police station on the grounds that it is forbidden to visit us. An interrogation with allegations our guest would be a traitor and a Freemason is not to be tolerated. Then there were slaps in the face for our visitor. Journalists have been prevented from visiting our property by the police on several occasions. Although we have all the documents to get the investor visa in your country, including a 3 year lease with purchase option, your police want to deport us hard. We demand reparation for the destruction and rebuilding of the canned bread bakery. You should also inform your local police officers that artists are not terrorists. Because that's how we are treated. Our employees are physically threatened by the Mkadem, the Caid's left hand, not to close the holes in our outer walls. At the Sugar Festival, our team needed a rabies injection because of a dog bite. Unfortunately, their health department in Ait Ourir and Marrakech was closed. We demand 100.000 euros for the reconstruction and a personal apology from your police chief in Ait Ourir and the caid in Ait Faska. Who never speak to ourselves but only communicate with bystanders. Because of the police violence against our guest, we require 100 employees of our choice for 100 years from Ait Faska & Ait Ourir to work on our art projects.

The forgotten forced laborers camp in Morocco. Many Jews died here.

In the summer 1942 visited a Dr. Wyss-Denant International Red Cross Mission (IRC) led the Boudnib, Bou Arfa and Berguent camps. Today nobody remembers the sun in these remote villages.
Black steles form the Holocaust memorial in one unit. Visitors wander through these
Simulation of the largest Holocaust memorial in the world
Appearance before the destruction. Construction 1 year with 10 Moroccans.
Also a mural by Walter Lübecke was destroyed and painted over. The EU flag is broken on the ground.

In total there were 14 camps of various types with 4.000 men in the French protectorate of Morocco. A third were Jews of various nationalities. The inmates were all men except in Sidi Al Ayachi, which had women and children. Some camps were guarded prisons, ie real prisons for political opponents of the Vichy regime. Others were so-called transit camps for refugees. Still others were reserved for foreign workers. Or Jews in the Bou Arfa camp under Vichy, the Transsahara Railway became an important symbol for cooperation with the Third Reich. Therefore, there was a great need for workers. Those who could no longer work a lot dead.

Thousands of Spanish Republicans became responsible in groups of foreign workers for the construction and maintenance of the train tracks. The pace of work after fleeing Franco's repressions was brutal and inhuman. Spanish workers were turned into real convicts. Jews deported from Central Europe and French Communists were transferred there. The daily life there was awful. Many died of abuse, torture, illness, hunger or thirst, scorpion stings or snake bites.

The Berguent (Ain Beni Mathar) warehouse was operated by the Industrial Production Department. It was reserved exclusively for Jews (155 in July 1942 and then 400 in early 1943 according to the CRI report). “But that spiritual comfort didn't diminish the fact that Bergue camp was among the worst,” said Jamaa Baida. The Red Cross was asked to close, the Jews living in Bergued, especially from Central Europe, had previously fled to France. Foreign Legion volunteers demobilized after the 1940 defeat and then interned for “administrative reasons”. Such was the case of Saul Albert, a Turkish citizen who came to France in 1922. He was imprisoned in Bergua until his release in March 1943. In his diary he writes:

“10. February (1941): Broke stones all day. March 2nd ...: Handover to the fifth group with German Jews. I do not like it at all. The work is not the same; We had to make a ballast ... April 6th: We can no longer bear this life. I have a fever, a toothache ... September 22nd: Rosh Hashanah: Nobody wanted to work ... October 1st: did not eat ... "

The guards, many of whom were Germans, behaved tyrannically, hostile, and malicious. "They should have joined the notorious NS-SS." Some prisoners escaped, reached Casablanca and joined forces.

In Boudnib, a small town of 10.000 inhabitants, the current military barracks are the last witnesses to the French army camp. Older residents keep memory fragments: “I can tell you two things for sure. The first is the Boudnib wing, which is mostly made up of Jews. The second is that most of the city's campers were educated in elementary school ”(Tel Quel Magazine No. 274, May 19-25, 2007).

Maurice Rue, a communist journalist, was interned there. He told us that "of 40 prisoners three quarters were Communists, Socialists and Gaullists before 40 Jews arrived for a few months."

After the American landing on the 8. November 1942 joined Morocco on the side of the Allies. In January 1943, the Allies met at a conference in Casablanca. A strategic and military agreement was signed. Shortly thereafter begins with the invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky, July 1943) the end of Europe occupied by Germany.

The construction in Bou Arfa was not interrupted and the conditions did not change significantly for the better. They were better paid than the Italian and German prisoners replaced the Communists and Jews. However, the construction of the Trans-Sahara remains an everyday hell. The project, which was designated as misappropriated, was abandoned by France only 1949.

Otherwise, the bearings were hastily dismantled between the end of 1942 and the beginning of 1943.

The documentary by Bill Cran and Karin Davison, aired on Arte, ent


The first Holocaust memorial in North Africa 

A sign against persecuted minorities worldwide. The construction of the first Holocaust memorial in North Africa is intended to serve as a source of information about the Holocaust for schools and the population.

When each block is worth a thousand words. On July 17.07th, construction began on the first Holocaust memorial in North Africa. We set up steles to give visitors in the labyrinth of gray blocks the feeling of helplessness and fear of death that people had in concentration camps back then. We want to create a place in North Africa that brings remembrance into the digital age. The viewers are there with a live stream on the construction site and can influence the number of workers and blocks to be built with your donations. The more you watch and donate, the bigger the Holocaust memorial becomes.

The Holocaust Memorial in Marrakech is said to be the largest in the world. 5 times the size of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial will later be on an 10.000 stone steles around an information center that educates visitors about the Holocaust.

The Founder of the PixelHELPER Foundation, Oliver Bienkowski, looked for his surname in the database of Yad Vashem and found some entries, then he looked where the next Holocaust Memorial is in Africa and found only one in South Africa. Since it is like half a world trip from Morocco, he decided to build a Holocaust memorial on the PixelHELPER site. The neighboring properties are all empty, so there is room to build at least 10.000 steles. 

Independence from HongKong / Anti China campaign

The end of Hong Kong as you know it

China is taking legal action for the first time to subdue the former British crown colony. The Chinese leadership is reviving the protest movement and challenging the western world.

The Chinese People's Congress passes the #HongKong Security Law, which de facto buries “One Country, Two Systems” and democracy. Light projection on the flag of Germany #Bundestag #Bundesregierung & @HeikoMaas recognize the independence of HongKong. #HongKongNeedsHelp #HongKongProtests

For the first time since the start of the corona pandemic, thousands have demonstrated in Hong Kong against China's influence in the special administrative region. The police used tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons. Dozens were arrested.

The protests on Sunday were triggered by Beijing's plans for a security law aimed at subversive and separatist activities in Hong Kong. Despite restrictions on corona gatherings, thousands took to the streets in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai.

Some held banners that said, "Heaven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party". There have also been repeated calls for independence. A large number of security forces went against the demonstrators.

The protests continued in the evening. Radical activists threw shop windows. Because of the corona pandemic, distance rules that allow groups of a maximum of eight people actually apply in the densely populated Asian economic and financial metropolis.

Britain had leased Hong Kong from China for 150 years, first Hong Kong Island, later the Kowloon and New Territories. The agreement expired on June 30, 1997. The British handed over their crown colony to China.

The Chinese reformist Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) invented the term “one country, two systems” as early as the 1980s to make the return of Hong Kong legally possible. "Two systems in one country are feasible and permissible," Deng said in 1982. "You shouldn't destroy the system on the mainland, neither should we destroy the other."

We fight for Raif Badawi & Julian Assange!

Raif Badawi has to be released from prison. Right away!
PixelHELPER and the London African Gospel Chor is performing “Something inside so strong” for Julian Assange in front of Belmarsh prison

royal pardon for Julian Assange from the Queen
Pardon of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden by Donald Trump
Thanks to #Wikileaks and Stella Moris
Angela Merkel demands political asylum and a pardon from Julian Assange
Light projection US Embassy Berlin

Do not ask what your country can do for you, say what you can do for Assange, the modification of John F. Kennedy's historical saying lights up at the US Embassy in Berlin. Americans who regularly commit war crimes, from defoliants in the Vietnam War that killed hundreds of thousands of victims to journalists murdered in the Iraq war, have to withdraw their extradition requests.

Make a note for the next day of the trial; 25.02. is the trial date for extradition to the United States.

And because the truth has been kept secret for so long and no government takes sides with Julian, the English will surely be handed over to the Americans. That is why this month we will start addressing US embassies abroad, the White House and other US buildings abroad with light protests and artistic disturbances.

Donate now to make this possible, whether 333 euros or 5 euros, small amounts help! Do something for the quality of tomorrow's information, based on which you should make decisions!

The Queen has to pardon Julian Assange

If receiving & disseminating secret messages with public value becomes a criminal offense, what else can the press report? Because what is classified and what is secret is decided by the government.

The abuse of power of the USA against #Assange is incredible: He is seriously ill in a maximum security prison, close to death. Whoever saves a scout saves freedom! Snowden also continues to sit in Moscow because all western countries fear the revenge of the Americans.

@wikileaks has been the enemy of the US administration since 2010. We demand immediate release from #JulianAssange from his imprisonment in London. The Queen must immediately pardon him & give him political asylum.

Light projection on the embassy of the United Kingdom

Old campaigns for other political prisoners

The European arrest warrant should not be used to prosecute political opponents. The German judiciary has good reason not to extradite Carles Puigdemont to Spain. Criminal law is rediscovered as a means of domestic conflict and the persecution of political opponents in an ugly way. The German judiciary should not take sides in the political debate in Spain and not least, from painful historical experience of the criminalization of political opinion can not afford to help. If she nevertheless agrees to the extradition, legal recourse is open and the Catalan may ultimately appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court. At the latest there, the rights of the individual should be given priority over the power games in Spain.

→ 10 Catalan politicians are in jail
1. Jordi Cuixart - 161 days in prison
2. Jordi Sànchez - 161 days in prison
3. Oriol Junqueras - 144 days in prison
4. Joaquim Forn - 144 days in prison
5. Dolors Bassa - Jailed for the second time before 3 days
6. Raül Romeva - brought to jail for the second time before 3 days
7. Jordi Turull - jailed for the second time before 3 days
8. Josep Rull - put in jail for the second time before 3 days
9. Carme Forcadell - imprisoned in 3 days ago
10. Carles Puigdemont - imprisoned 3 days ago

→ In addition, the following politicians are threatened with imprisonment and are currently living in exile:

1. Toni Comín
2. Meritxell Serret
3. Meritxell Borràs
4. Clara Ponsati
5. Anna Gabriel
6. Marta Rovira

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Get pressure & attention - support us now! As a donor, you are making an invaluable contribution to arousing public outrage - for a better world. Get concrete now and make a cross-border scandal possible. Nowhere else do you get so much rebellion and uprising for every euro donated as with us. Please visit our website: PixelHELPER.org/Spenden or support our Facebook fundraiser:

Press photographer: Dirk-Martin Heimzelmann

Light artist: Member of PixelHELPER

Freedom for #Puigdemont is emblazoned on the Stasi prison in Berlin. We are protesting against the illegal, #Stasi-like imprisonment of Catalan politicians in Spain. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Spain. #PixelHELPER calls on the federal government to declare immediately that Germany will not politically approve extradition. Such a political approval of the Spanish request for mutual legal assistance is necessary according to the rules of the Law on International Mutual Legal Assistance - regardless of the legal decision of the court. Given the importance of the case, the granting authority is the federal government in the form of Justice Minister Katarina Barley. We call on the federal government to ensure that Carles Puigdemont is released immediately from prison in Germany!

Get pressure & attention - support us now! As a donor, you make an invaluable contribution to arousal of public outrage - for a better world. Get concrete now and make a cross-border scandal possible. Nowhere else do you get so much rebellion and uprising for every euro donated as with us. Please visit our website: PixelHELPER.org/Spenden or support our Facebook Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1972507843071293

The Arab Spring was to bring the breakthrough and start a new epoch of democracy. But the rebels of those days are now political prisoners. The people who have risked their own lives in states that are black on the press freedom scale of Amnesty International are in jail today and are forgotten by the world. PixelHELPER wants to intervene here and liberate the political prisoners.

Our first action is to bring back to light 13 people in prison since March 2011. The Bahrain 13 were arrested after the February 2011 uprising in Manana, Bahrain, on charges of conspiracy against the government. Many states and organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, continue to point to torture. The prisoners were visibly tormented.

The worries also do not stop for the families. These political prisoners are still in prison today, serving 5 sentences ranging from life sentences to multiple life sentences. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Let us not forget good people who sacrificed their own freedom to bring democracy and peace to many.

Read More

Forced laborer at Bahlsen Oetker & Co. KG

Brown biscuits - difficult to digest

After #PixelHELPER Research in # Federal Archives must the #Wikipedia Article by Hans #Bahlsen can be rewritten. He served on the defensive staff of the deputy general command until 1944. There was cooperation for the Nazis #Zwangsarbeiter & Factories in Ukraine #VerenaBahlsen

After an appearance at the event Online Marketing Rockstars it started. Suddenly, the criticism of Bahlsen's bragging got a darker note: The heiress, who is so proud of the history of the family business, owe their fortune also the exploitation of victims of the Nazi regime.

As the picture-Newspaper the heiress asked about it, she reacted very sloppily. “It's not okay to associate my talk with it,” she said - and she may be a little right about that: It's unfair to throw this at someone who just wanted to talk about it, like them Economy can be “a vehicle” “to move us forward as a society”.

“That was before my time and we paid the forced laborers the same as the Germans and treated them well. The court dismissed the claims. Today there are no more claims against Bahlsen. Bahlsen was not guilty of anything. "

And that was a real grip on the toilet, on which Bahlsen can really blame himself this time. Quite apart from that ...

The killed forced laborer from a Bahlsen plant. What happened to forced laborers who could no longer work? They were killed in concentration camps.
[advanced_iframe securitykey=”2850230b9c3d025e1bd1b840e1acbf59859bfed4″ src=”//livepixel.awumedia.de/paypal” width=”100%” height=”300″]
Light projection on the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Press photographer: Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann
Wanted poster: Who has information about deporting Bahlsen forced laborers into concentration camps? Press photographer: Oleg Rostovtsev

But then Bahlsen kept talking. And that sounded like this:

  • ... that the company does not work for the workers so great could have treated if they complained afterwards, ...
  • ... and that it is daring to claim that Bahlsen has “not been guilty of anything” just because a court has run the company for statute of limitations for its crimes could not judge anymore, ...

... is not it brutally tasteless to deal with your own past? What would it have cost Bahlsen to show himself a bit penitent? Instead, she decided to play down forced labor in the Nazi regime.

The company Bahlsen According to a report in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, her forced laborers may have paid less than previously claimed during the Nazi era. The newspaper cites an evaluation of the cookie manufacturer's wage cards from the XNUMXs.

Company heiress Verena Bahlsen recently had the Nazi past of her ancestors and the company in the “Bild” newspaper downplayed. "We paid the slave laborers the same as the Germans and treated them well," she said. The 26-year-old has since apologized for her choice of words.

Polish and Ukrainian forced laborers are said to have received between five and ten Reichsmarks per week, according to the “Zeit” report. By far the largest part of the gross wage, which was between 23 and 29 Reichsmarks, was withheld: For taxes and social security contributions - from which these women never benefited - but also for fines and high costs for forced accommodation in the camp.

"Why can a family remember differently?"

According to the report, however, this cannot be compared with the payment of German workers during the Nazi era, as it was called with reference to the Arolsen Archives in Bad Arolsen. An archive spokeswoman told the "Zeit": "According to historical research, German workers received an average wage of around 44 Reichsmarks."

The Bahlsen Group does not want to comment specifically on this difference so far.

As the SPIEGEL reports in its current issue, the Bahlsen family from Hanover was also more deeply involved in the Nazi regime during the Nazi era than previously known. So were Verena Bahlsen's grandfather and his brothers in the NSDAP and have promoted the SS. 

The #Wehrmacht #Biscuit. Das # Krümelmonster #VerenaBahlsen from Bahlsen should 40% of your company shares in the #Concentration camp#Auschwitz cede. #OhneMampfkeinKampf & #ohneFeldpostkeineKampfmoralThe iron ration of the Wehrmacht made sieges and lightning wars possible in World War II. Donate for a light projection against Bahlsen to: paypal@pixelhelper.tv Der #Leibniz Biscuit from Verena Bahlsen's company was part of this system and decisive for the war. Without him would be #Stalingrad ended earlier. The company Bahlsen carries as well #Temmler, the the #Hitler Coke have produced, much to blame for the war of annihilation #Nazis in the third Reich. That Bahlsen once paid 1500 € compensation to the forced laborers is a bad joke. Bahlsen provided maps with the Leibniz Feldpost, the basis of front communication during the First World War. #Kriegspropaganda means today #Reklamekunst #The original# Nurechtmit52Zähnen #Vernichtungslager #eiserneRation #Hannover#Kriegstreiber In Allied bombing raids, the forced laborers women were only expected a wooden shelter, the fine lords of #Bahlsen did not even have one for your employees #Bunker built. Here shows the misanthropic capitalist image of a #Nazi Follower family. It was only through such families that the Nazis were able to maintain their sick system. Let's show Ms. Bahlsen that we forgive her; but you have to donate 40% of your shares to #Auschwitz. Request it from you personally - you can find it here on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/verena.bahlsen & Instagram @verenabahlsen

Oetker, Bahlsen & Co. are upgrading

While the Bundeswehr is moving to Syria to fight ISIS and the world is afraid of terrorist attacks on the Christmas markets, the rich of Germany are investing in armaments companies. Recently, some shareholders of Dr. Ing. August Oetker KG is involved in the acquisition of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH, whose business fields include German fighter jets. The defense industry is sometimes a difficult investment field. Although the market is likely to be secured not least by the many arms exports and Bundeswehr operations, but at the supposed security business also just a lot of blood sticks.

Use light art to ignite the medial flame

PixelHELPER set itself the goal in the quiet Advent season to point out this investment of the family Oetker. So that in the bustle of pre-Christmas time when buying ingredients for the Christmas cookies not this little peaceful message goes down, Bienkowski has launched various protests. For example, the light artist projected a Dr. Oetker logo in armored form and the signature "Kanonenfutter" to the company facade of Dr. med. Oetker in Bielefeld. It may have been just a little extra light on the night sky of Bielefeld, which illuminated the festively decorated streets, but here it is more about the media attention. And exactly in this sense Bienkowski tested on the well-known Slingshot Channel on YouTube together with Jörg Sprave a homemade pudding cannon.

War as a private matter

And what reactions did all this trigger? After all, there was an official statement of the Bielefeld company in the meantime. "The investment is a private matter of two family members and has nothing to do with the company. Oetker ", according to a newspaper report of the Neue Westfälische Zeitung. And so Bienkowski brought to the next strike against the family Oetker to reach their conscience. The question of whether it is a company owner of Dr. med. Oetker is involved in the armaments business, this time was sugar sweet and absolutely tasteless by the Berlin Boys Choir.

Can morale be colder than your own frozen pizza?

This is how Rolf Zuckowski's backhit "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" quickly became the socially critical "In the Arms Bakery". The children ask the Oetker family: "Where has the moral remained?" The action hit is presented together with the Berlin hip hop artist Vokalmatador. But not only in terms of vocal technique and content, the appearance has a lot to offer, the staging is true. With pig masks in front of a 1,45 meter long wooden box. In this tasteless backdrop, at least Richard Oetker should pass away the joy of the armaments business. After all, this end 1976 was kidnapped in such a box and held captive. The hijacker had a pig mask. Is the action tasteless? For sure. But how many ready blends do you need to forget your own past and invest in arms deals whose products nearly killed you nearly 40 years ago?

For an immediate stop of tank exports to Saudi Arabia, PixelHELPER projected the words "Thanks no Tanks to Saudi Arabia" to the Federal Chancellery and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia together with the campaign "Outcry - Stop the Arms Trade".

The Saudis are still among the most important customers of German defense companies. In the first half of 2015, arms exports worth almost 180 million euros to Saudi Arabia were approved - only with Great Britain and Israel, there were even larger deals.

Germany is European champion in arms exports. Worldwide, it takes third place behind the US and Russia. With federal government approval, German weapons and armaments are also supplied to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia. That can not go on like this. We want to put an end to business with death.

European canned bread emergency aid

Campaign for the Muslims of Uighurs in China / Human rights

PixelHELPER supports the independence of the Uighurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Tibet

Free the Uighurs

Uighur memorial in Marrakech

AOn July 29.07.2019th, 1 we publish the first video of our Uighur memorial in #Marrakech, we wrote to all the Arab newspapers what we had done and got no answer only after we told the newspapers that the first row of the memorial is for gay Jews left the memorial as the “Holocaust Memorial of Marrakech” in Moroccan history. Hatred against solidarity with the Muslim Uighurs triumphed. To this day, no Muslim country in the world supports the Uighurs as much as they need it to. Hopefully in 100 years the first memorial for the Muslim Turkic people of the Uighurs will be a turning point in the solidarity of Muslim countries with the Uighurs.

Together we want to rebuild every building that has destroyed China in other countries and leave it to the respective state with the aim of not letting China destroy the Uighur culture.

If the Chinese were to tear down 1000 churches, there would be great indignation in Europe. A fire in a cathode ray can ignite worldwide solidarity here. 1000 mosques & Christian churches have already been destroyed in China. We have offered all Uyghurs to rebuild them as an exact copy abroad in order to create solidarity for the oppressed Muslim people worldwide. Unfortunately, most of the Uyghurs are on the run or in Chinese re-education camps and are destitute. That's why we set up a GoFundme fundraiser. Depending on how much we collect, we either build a library, a mosque or a grave.

China has destroyed over 3 mosques, tombs & shrines in 1000 years. Beijing systematically destroys the culture & religion of the Muslim Uyghurs. Satellite images show a terrifying picture. PixelHELPER will set an example and rebuild the destroyed Iman Asim grave in the Moroccan mountains with a plaque commemorating the destruction by the Chinese. More information about the project

We demand democracy in China. And own countries for Uyghurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Tibet. The Communist Party must be dissolved immediately. Light projection dove

We demand freedom of religion in China, respect for human rights & democratic elections for a better future. All mosques must be rebuilt at the expense of China, all of them #Uiguren You must be free to practice your faith.

Whenever a European trembles, a Uighure shivers over torture. In China, Islam is banned, a dream for right-wing idiots. 200 mosques were demolished, the Chinese want to know about garnix. The lock the Uighurs, and laugh in the fist. Anyone who believes in Allah in China, gets the children robbed from sleep.

And then all Muslims are gone, says Xi Jinping that was very nice. Because have watched all the states, but China's money you may have. But then you look like even away, meanwhile, the Uigure is in the dirt. A Koran is the ticket for the concentration camp torture season ticket.

Washed the Uyghurs brain, Mohammed would not allow that. Ride up to China's wall and lie down, in wait. Would send his riders to Hong Kong, Tibet and on and on. All Muslims would gather behind and Xi Jinping would pop one. In China there is then democracy and never again Islamophobia.

By means of re-education camps and close monitoring, the Chinese central government is trying to prevent unrest in the province. The existence of such facilities was officially confirmed by the government in October 2018, but at the same time denied these allegations of ill-treatment there.

For the Uighurs, a Muslim Turkvolki in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, a lot has changed in recent years (photo from the 22.09.2013, the ruins of a demolished mosque in Kashgar). But even the political leadership in Beijing had to realize that the largest province in the West of the People's Republic does not get a grip.

Chinese politics in Xinjiang are similar to those in Buddhist Tibet: ethnic Chinese and their companies are targeted. It is also they who benefit mainly from government infrastructure programs and investments. At the schools, the local language is being supplanted more and more by Mandarin. So the Uighurs are fleeing to religion to maintain their identity. The more the government suppresses Islam, the more radical it becomes.

We demand the immediate release of all Uyghurs & the introduction
freedom of religion in China. Everyone can believe what they want, in the flying spaghetti monster or in one of the world's religions. China must stop preventing its people from exercising religious freedom. Freedom of religion is part of the German constitution - the Chinese constitution should take this as an example.

We are the Buntesnachrichtendienst - for more democratic participation

The Buntesnachrichtendienst supports activists and grassroots movements that are working towards major systemic change across Europe. Artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world fund the colorful intelligence service to free activists from prisons, help whistleblowers and uncover corruption worldwide. We act covertly and our enemies should take us seriously. We rely on the freedom of art and freedom of expression.

News arise and spread worldwide every second. After some news, the world seems to be turning differently than before. News affects our lives. We get up with you and take you into the night. No matter where in the world at any time, a butterfly flaps its wings. And something can arise that has a meaning for us. Modern technologies have made the world small. But regional and global conflicts seem to be growing. Many wonder who you can trust. Which information is still reliable and whether peace and prosperity in Germany continue. This is exactly where our mission begins. And in the international network we create reliable foundations, sometimes at high risk, because it takes arm's length ahead to act responsibly. Integer & loyally committed to the people to protect Germany.

TED Talk against surveillance

Surveillance State: "NSA in the House"

United Stasi of America stood on the walls of the American embassy in Berlin and other American consulates in Germany, including Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The reason for this is the shameless spying on the NSA and the American secret service.

The NSA defends its surveillance strategy as necessary to fight against terrorism. Moreover, it justifies itself by saying, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear". Unfortunately, the surveillance of the NSA goes much further in terms of the fight against terror. Your telephone, Skype, Whatsapp calls can be monitored, even though you have nothing to do with terrorists, based on the "3rd Degree Friend" principle.

In addition, these monitoring techniques prevented only 4 attacks. Is it worth our privacy for an apparent but unreal security give up? PixelHELPER does not believe in it, that's why we started this campaign.

The first success after 13 light projection, in the weekly rhythm and large media coverage:

The departure of Germany's top CIA man boss.

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From the Rainbow - light art connecting bridges

Love knows no borders - Rainbow for Orlando

Imagination is a balancing act over a rainbow.
"From the Rainbow"

The infinite light of a rainbow shone on Saturday evening from the Düsseldorf city hall over the city.

The “From the Rainbow” campaign the PixelHELPER stands for more tolerance and against hate.

The rainbow symbolizes hope & perfection. Whenever people see a rainbow, one thing is certain: darkness and rain do not have the last word.

The light art project “From the Rainbow” by Oliver Bienkowski is an ongoing project in which well-known bridges, buildings and urban architecture are being transformed into so-called rainbow bridges. So far, in addition to the harbor bridge in the Medienhafen in Düsseldorf, the Karl Branner bridge in Kassel has also been redesigned. This project split people up at the Documenta and developed a strong pull on international art visitors. The Brandenburg Gate was also transformed into a rainbow for the Festival of Lights. The well-known Kassel Bergpark Kaskaden, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, has also been painted a rainbow. With this the artist advocates more tolerance & against hatred.

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Vogelschiss gegen Hass - red card for hate mailers

Shit back today, Against #Hate there is now one on the net Antidote. @PixelHELPER sends bird droppings to everyone who spreads hatred. Donate to paypal@PixelHELPER.tv & write to us who should get the next delivery. Letter 1 goes to @_donalphonso from the @world

In the moral shadow of the art installation #Fencing4Humanity, a replica of the European external border, the first birds have settled. From here is now with #Bird shit against #Hate fought on the Internet.

Vogelschiss facility in Morocco

In distant Morocco, we are currently building our Vogelschiss facility to send small symbolic Vogelschiss envelopes to people who profile themselves with #HateSpeech.

Birds take our plant well
A bird at work against hate
Construction of our bird shit facility

SamuelPaty Museum of Religious Satire & Freedom of Art

Call for the building of the Museum of Religious Satire & Freedom of Art by Samuel Paty

The murder of Samuel Paty must never be forgotten. Art must never again be the reason for terrorists to kill other people. Freedom of art is above religious freedom. We invite school classes from all over Europe to visit our exhibition on religious satire. Like a modern circus for artistic freedom, we will present backgrounds on the history of religious satire throughout Europe for a few days. We need your help so that we can buy and equip sea containers with our exhibits. All of Europe must stand together for freedom of words and images. Please forward our campaign to all friends in all European countries so that we can start quickly with our mobile exhibition for artistic freedom. Everyone who donates has free lifelong entry to the future Pop Up Museum for Religious Satire.

We will travel to all European countries with the mobile Popup Museum.
Our Holocaust memorial in Morocco has been torn down, CNN reported
CNN about our project in Morocco

Citizens' petition to save the Loreley Clinic by proxy

The following is a prime example of the fight against direct democracy through a referendum. Instead of examining our operator concept, politicians are rushing against our citizens' request on all channels, which shows us that we are on the right track. As long as no administrative court decides, our citizens' petition is not inadmissible under §17 of the municipal code. Today, even the Official Journal is misused for mood-building. We are now requesting a counter notification.

The politicians who want to close the Loreley Hospital work with defamation methods that are otherwise only used in totalitarian countries. The association of towns and municipalities rises to the court and their opinion is presented to the citizens like a judgment of an administrative court. Some citizens have called for donations at the demonstrations of the old citizens' initiative “For the preservation of the Loreley clinics”, individual companies have donated over € 10.000 to the hospital support association. We received € 0 in donations and our petition for citizens is criticized because we are following the recommendations of Mehr Demokratie e. V. have written our donation account number on the sheet.

The last chance to save the Loreley Clinic is a citizens' request in each of the 3 partner cities. Anyone who has their first residence in the respective city and is over 18 years old can sign. Please distribute the documents extensively in your area.
Scroll down to choose between Oberwesel, St. Goar & the Hunsrück-Mittelrhein Association.

With the new operator concept of the PixelHELPER Foundation, we are leading the Loreley clinics into a secure future!

Citizens' request for the city of Oberwesel

Click on the image to download the signature template. This should always be distributed together with the operator concept.

Citizens' request for the city of Sankt Goar

Click on the image to download the signature template. This should always be distributed together with the operator concept.

Citizens' petition for the Hunsrück-Mittelrhein community

Click on the image to download the signature template. This should always be distributed together with the operator concept.
Save Loreley clinics. The PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH wants to take over the hospital and continue to operate it as a 1-house solution. Light projection on the Ministry of Health in Berlin

Current situation 20.04.2020/21/15 XNUMX:XNUMX

In the current compass April 2020 of the CDU Oberwesel something wrong is claimed, namely that the clinic would be non-profit.
The Krankenhaus GmbH St. Goar-Oberwesel, as the name suggests, is a GmbH and not a non-profit GmbH. It is only exempt from some taxes but not charitable. In summary, it should be noted that an exemption from business tax, the
Sales tax and property tax is granted to all hospitals that meet the requirements of § 67 AO. This is regardless of whether the hospital is nonprofit. An exemption from corporation tax is only granted to hospitals that are non-profit within the meaning of §§ 51-68 AO. At the moment it is a GmbH including all possibilities to withdraw money. Departments were closed and hospital technology diverted to other hospitals. A conversion into a non-profit GmbH can be achieved. Help with the citizens' request to continue the non-profit operation of the clinics facebook.com/loreley-klinik With a non-profit limited liability company, much more funding is available than with the limited liability company structure, no profits can flow anymore, but must be used for the non-profit purposes of the new non-profit hospital. In our case that would be the clinic itself, the senior center and the new workshop for disabled people in the old location in Sankt Goar. For more information, just scroll down on this page.

Current situation 19.04.2020/13/00 XNUMX:XNUMX

We start three petitions in the cities of the shareholders in order to achieve a new "extraordinary shareholders' meeting" requests the Marienhaus Holding GmbH to transfer your 55% shares in the hospital to the PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH, just as you had offered to the Red Cross.

In addition, the hospital is to be converted into a non-profit company in order to keep all profits in the company in the future and not to make distributions to shareholders. To do this, we have to collect approx. 300 signatures from voters per partner at the location.

The PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH developed a concept and offer for the maintenance and continuation of the clinic in Oberwesel. Offers with a special focus on inclusion are to be created at the Sankt Goar location. This includes new forms of living for 8-16 people, as well as an affiliated workshop for people with disabilities.

The hospital in Oberwesel should also reactivate all required specialist departments such as the intensive care unit in order to operate as a full-fledged hospital.

In cooperation and cooperation with the University of Marburg and nearby medical technology companies, the workshop for the disabled will produce relevant and certified wooden medical components that will be used for export to Africa.

For the construction of a new workshop for the disabled, including barrier-free living, funding of up to EUR 600.000 should be applied for from Aktion Mensch.

The PixelHELPER Foundation wants to demonstrate impressively how the requirements of an aging society can be met in a modern and future-oriented way in the country.
In order to ensure financial security, the PixelHELPER Foundation will concentrate on opening up new profit areas in order to ensure the continuation as a non-profit hospital. We also expect the funding from the hospital structure fund to continue operating the clinic and expand.

Here, the Pixelhelper Foundation, through its supporters, can fall back on a well-known network in German health policy.

Since a non-profit limited liability company does not pursue its own profit interests, no profit distributions are made to shareholders, we invest any surplus in the clinic and the handicapped workshop.

The focus of a non-profit hospital is always on the common good - synonymous with the well-being of the individual patient. The term "non-profit" is relevant for tax law, because only the activities listed in paragraph 52 of the tax code that serve the general public are deemed to be non-profit in the tax law sense - for example, it concerns funding in the health sector. The non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) is exempt from corporate tax . In return, the gGmbH is obliged to use the funds generated only for non-profit purposes.

So we want to become a non-profit specialist clinic - and act accordingly. This allows us flexibility, which in turn benefits the patient. Because we then not only work in a highly competent manner in compliance with the latest standards, but also according to humane, qualitative and economic principles - this means that we want to use all of our financial and human resources for the benefit of our patients.
Background: The PixelHELPER Foundation was founded by several Freemasons and the light artist Oliver Bienkowski. In Hamburg there is the Masonic Hospital in Rissen, which is operated by the Red Cross, as well as the Masonic Retirement Home in the middle of Hamburg. The Freemason Hospital in Hamburg opened its doors on October 3, 1795 on Dammtorwall as the first institute for the admission of sick people, which was previously completely lacking in Hamburg. It was initially set up as a hospital for female servants and was expanded a few years later for male servants. When the PixelHELPER Foundation was dissolved, the assets went to the Freimaurer Hilfswerk eV, which was part of the charitable organization

Current situation 16.04.2020/12/00 XNUMX:XNUMX
We are currently looking for a rental property in downtown Oberwesel. We will use the location to coordinate 3 petitions for the maintenance of the hospital and to produce canned bread for refugee camps and the homeless. As soon as the location is found, the signature lists for all 3 cities can be downloaded on this page. After collecting the signatures, you can hand in the petition lists to us on site. The referendum will start before May 01st, 2020

Current situation 14.04.2020/12/00 XNUMX:XNUMX
We see in the failure to mention our purchase offer by Marienhaus Holding a clear deception of the other shareholders. The PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH has contacted an administrative law attorney in Koblenz & the association Mehr Demokratie eV to examine a referendum to start an “Extraordinary shareholders' meeting to repeal the resolution of April 09.04.2020th, 1”. The submission for the referendum is ready, but has to be checked legally. The referendum would oblige the city administration to make a decision at the extraordinary shareholders' meeting. A corporate law attorney examines competitive legal steps. With an extraordinary shareholders' meeting, the shares could be assigned to the PixelHELPER Foundation gGmbH, and the further XNUMX house operation in Oberwesel continued, as well as the preservation of the senior citizen center.

Although we sent our takeover offer to the company spokesman for Marienhaus Holding twice by email, there was no response to our offer except for a telephone call back from Heribert Frieling.

The Loreley Hospital & the Senior Citizens' Center is a public facility of major importance for Oberwesel. At the last shareholders' meeting on April 09.04.2020th, XNUMX, Marienhaus GmbH did not react to this, although there was a takeover offer from the PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH, and all inquiries about this, no further takeover offers were available. We see the criminal offense of fraudulent misrepresentation. Marienhaus moves inventory to other hospitals, and in the end wants to secure the senior center as a cash cow. Self-employed who do something like this in Germany are considered bankruptcy offenses. Anyone who moves inventory, i.e. assets of the hospital, before an impending bankruptcy is liable to prosecution. The hospital was cannibalized by Marienhaus GmbH in the direction of other clinics such as Bingen. We urge all shareholders to ask Marienhaus GmbH out of the St. Goar Oberwesel GmbH hospital company. As a non-profit company, the PixelHELPER Foundation will not make any distributions of profits but will lead the senior center & hospital into the future for charitable reasons.

Donation receipts will be sent immediately. Your transfer receipt is sufficient for a donation receipt for the tax office up to € 250.

With a light projection on that Federal Ministry of Healtht the PixelHELPER Foundation turns into the closure of the St. Goar / Oberwesel. Our suggestion: The non-profit GmbH PixelHELPER Foundation takes over the 55% share if the Rhineland Palatinate Ministry of Health from the hospital structural fund, which are already earmarked for severance payments, for employee salaries, the continued operation and expansion of the hospital, which would give PixelHELPER the chance to renovate the clinic and keep all employees in the Oberwesel hospital for over 1 year. The house in St. Goar is to be used to build ventilation machines for the third world. The University of Marburg will soon be presenting simple ventilation devices for Africa to the public. With wooden material and simple parts from the hardware store, ventilators can also be built for countries that do not currently have a functioning hospital system. Furthermore, the PixelHELPER Foundation with an action office in St. Hospital Goar set up other non-profit aid offers such as a canned bread bakery for more food stability, organize a light art festival & take further steps to support the citizens of St. Goar & Oberwesel. The next pandemic is coming, before the Cold War there were over 40 auxiliary hospitals in Germany, which were closed due to savings. In times of a pandemic, we cannot close more hospitals. Jens Spahn's answer followed by email, referring to the Ministry of Health in Rhineland-Palatinate. Politicians must act quickly now. The 22. Millions of subsidies have to be released for the continued operation and salaries of the hospital and with a new non-profit operating company an attempt must be made to at least bring the hospital to the black zero in the next few years, because in contrast to Marienhaus GmbH, a non-profit GmbH does not have to make a profit. That would be a great way to at least reopen the hospital in Oberwesel for normal hospital operations. We appeal to the RLP Ministry of Health to release the funds from the structural funds, to transfer the shares to the PixelHELPER Foundation to Marienhaus GmbH and to save the employees from the Oberwesel Hospital. So that we can operate the hospital and retirement home side by side in the future for better basic care. The government of Rhineland-Palatinate is also obliged to operate a hospital in Oberwesel with a view to the tourists who are visiting the Middle Rhine, we hope that politicians will give in. The purchase offer by email to the company spokesman Frieling of Marienhaus GmbH has not yet been responded to. But we assume that just like the German Red Cross, who was offered the handover of the 55% stake, Marienhaus GmbH is also willing to offer us the 55% stake for one euro.

Reforestation instead of land mines against climate change

Dropping tree darts with finished seedlings and fertilizer

Afforestation instead of landmines. The largest newspaper in Morocco reported today on our proposal to the Australian Parliament to ask the Moroccan King to give us a Hercules-C130 landmine plane so that we can convert it for the reforestation of Morocco & Australia's forests. A small factory here at our Moroccan location is supposed to produce the tree darts which are then dropped. But we can't do anything without the help of Morocco's king. Since he didn't react to our last letters, we don't envision any opportunities, but we are happy about positive surprises. 

Tree darts from the 3D printer

Who watches the watchmen. Campaign against surveillance

News arise and spread worldwide every second. After some news, the world seems to be turning differently than before. News affects our lives. We get up with you and take you into the night. No matter where in the world at any time, a butterfly flaps its wings. And something can arise that has a meaning for us. Modern technologies have made the world small. But regional and global conflicts seem to be growing. Many wonder who you can trust. Which information is still reliable and whether peace and prosperity in Germany continue. This is exactly where our mission begins. And in the international network we create reliable foundations, sometimes at high risk, because it takes arm's length ahead to act responsibly. Integer & loyally committed to the people to protect Germany.

TED Talk against surveillance

Surveillance State: "NSA in the House"

and United Stasi of America stood on the walls of the American Embassy in Berlin and other American consulates in Germany, including Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The reason for this is the shameless spying on the NSA and the American secret service.

The NSA defends its surveillance strategy as necessary to fight against terrorism. Moreover, it justifies itself by saying, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear". Unfortunately, the surveillance of the NSA goes much further in terms of the fight against terror. Your telephone, Skype, Whatsapp calls can be monitored, even though you have nothing to do with terrorists, based on the "3rd Degree Friend" principle.

In addition, these monitoring techniques prevented only 4 attacks. Is it worth our privacy for an apparent but unreal security give up? PixelHELPER does not believe in it, that's why we started this campaign.

The first success after 13 light projection, in the weekly rhythm and large media coverage:

The departure of Germany's top CIA man boss.

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🙈🙉🙊Our non-profit can't do without your donations 🎩In the name of tolerance, we should claim the right to tolerate intolerance🛐🆘💰👉