19. October 2016 Oliver Bienkowski

Donald Trump Special Edition by Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf

fictional Mein Kampf reissue by replacing thousands of words

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We have created a new version of Adolf Hitler's “Mein Kampf” with Donald Trump as the imaginary protagonist - by swapping thousands of words in the old book. The now fictional autobiography follows Trump's path from a young kid in New York to a strong American businessman and politician. In this parallel story, Trump starts a coup after the 2016 election, similar to that of Hitler's Feldherrenhallen coup in Munich in 1923. He is arrested and sent to maximum security prison, many of his Republican supporters fall in front of the Capitol and the White House .. He founds the American Nationalist Party, based on ideas of racial and religious purification, creating enemies from Mexicans, Muslims and anyone who threatens their nationalist worldview.

The goal of writing a new version of “Mein Kampf” from Trump's perspective was to raise awareness of the similarities of the ideas advancing both Trump and Hitler. It's a different time (1930s vs. today), a different country (Germany vs. United States), and a different enemy (Jews vs. Muslims), but the concepts are the same. Trump has already given us some insight into the dangers his administration could pose to the US and the world through his speeches and tweets.

The American President has a tremendous amount of power and influence over not only American citizens, but over all people on the planet. A Trump presidency could mark the beginning of a slippery runway of racism and prejudice against something sinister that we cannot yet imagine. If this updated version of "Mein Kampf" can highlight the parallels between Trump and Hitler, then PixelHELPER has managed to deliver an important warning to the American people.

The price on Amazon is 0.99 $, everyone receives the book from us for a symbolic donation. All proceeds will go to human rights campaigns and art events run by PixelHELPER. After the donation, we will send you the book in * epub format via e-mail. Please enter your e-mail address with your donation. You can also download it under:

The PixelHELPER Artists' Collective, is an international non-profit minority and human rights organization inspired by the ideals of the Freemasons. Undeterred by the noise of the world, we go our way, calm and secure, fearless in dangers, high goals in mind to protect the earth.

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