We fight for Raif Badawi & Julian Assange!

Raif Badawi has to be released from prison. Right away!
PixelHELPER and the London African Gospel Chor is performing “Something inside so strong” for Julian Assange in front of Belmarsh prison

royal pardon for Julian Assange from the Queen
Pardon of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden by Donald Trump
Thanks to #Wikileaks and Stella Moris
Angela Merkel demands political asylum and a pardon from Julian Assange
Light projection US Embassy Berlin

Do not ask what your country can do for you, say what you can do for Assange, the modification of John F. Kennedy's historical saying lights up at the US Embassy in Berlin. Americans who regularly commit war crimes, from defoliants in the Vietnam War that killed hundreds of thousands of victims to journalists murdered in the Iraq war, have to withdraw their extradition requests.

Make a note for the next day of the trial; 25.02. is the trial date for extradition to the United States.

And because the truth has been kept secret for so long and no government takes sides with Julian, the English will surely be handed over to the Americans. That is why this month we will start addressing US embassies abroad, the White House and other US buildings abroad with light protests and artistic disturbances.

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The Queen has to pardon Julian Assange

If receiving & disseminating secret messages with public value becomes a criminal offense, what else can the press report? Because what is classified and what is secret is decided by the government.

The abuse of power of the USA against #Assange is incredible: He is seriously ill in a maximum security prison, close to death. Whoever saves a scout saves freedom! Snowden also continues to sit in Moscow because all western countries fear the revenge of the Americans.

@wikileaks has been the enemy of the US administration since 2010. We demand immediate release from #JulianAssange from his imprisonment in London. The Queen must immediately pardon him & give him political asylum.

Light projection on the embassy of the United Kingdom

Old campaigns for other political prisoners

The European arrest warrant should not be used to prosecute political opponents. The German judiciary has good reason not to extradite Carles Puigdemont to Spain. Criminal law is rediscovered as a means of domestic conflict and the persecution of political opponents in an ugly way. The German judiciary should not take sides in the political debate in Spain and not least, from painful historical experience of the criminalization of political opinion can not afford to help. If she nevertheless agrees to the extradition, legal recourse is open and the Catalan may ultimately appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court. At the latest there, the rights of the individual should be given priority over the power games in Spain.

→ 10 Catalan politicians are in jail
1. Jordi Cuixart - 161 days in prison
2. Jordi Sànchez - 161 days in prison
3. Oriol Junqueras - 144 days in prison
4. Joaquim Forn - 144 days in prison
5. Dolors Bassa - Jailed for the second time before 3 days
6. Raül Romeva - brought to jail for the second time before 3 days
7. Jordi Turull - jailed for the second time before 3 days
8. Josep Rull - put in jail for the second time before 3 days
9. Carme Forcadell - imprisoned in 3 days ago
10. Carles Puigdemont - imprisoned 3 days ago

→ In addition, the following politicians are threatened with imprisonment and are currently living in exile:

1. Toni Comín
2. Meritxell Serret
3. Meritxell Borràs
4. Clara Ponsati
5. Anna Gabriel
6. Marta Rovira

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Press photographer: Dirk-Martin Heimzelmann

Light artist: Member of PixelHELPER

Freedom for #Puigdemont is emblazoned on the Stasi prison in Berlin. We are protesting against the illegal, #Stasi-like imprisonment of Catalan politicians in Spain. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Spain. #PixelHELPER calls on the federal government to declare immediately that Germany will not politically approve extradition. Such a political approval of the Spanish request for mutual legal assistance is necessary according to the rules of the Law on International Mutual Legal Assistance - regardless of the legal decision of the court. Given the importance of the case, the granting authority is the federal government in the form of Justice Minister Katarina Barley. We call on the federal government to ensure that Carles Puigdemont is released immediately from prison in Germany!

Get pressure & attention - support us now! As a donor, you make an invaluable contribution to arousal of public outrage - for a better world. Get concrete now and make a cross-border scandal possible. Nowhere else do you get so much rebellion and uprising for every euro donated as with us. Please visit our website: PixelHELPER.org/Spenden or support our Facebook Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1972507843071293

The Arab Spring was to bring the breakthrough and start a new epoch of democracy. But the rebels of those days are now political prisoners. The people who have risked their own lives in states that are black on the press freedom scale of Amnesty International are in jail today and are forgotten by the world. PixelHELPER wants to intervene here and liberate the political prisoners.

Our first action is to bring back to light 13 people in prison since March 2011. The Bahrain 13 were arrested after the February 2011 uprising in Manana, Bahrain, on charges of conspiracy against the government. Many states and organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, continue to point to torture. The prisoners were visibly tormented.

The worries also do not stop for the families. These political prisoners are still in prison today, serving 5 sentences ranging from life sentences to multiple life sentences. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Let us not forget good people who sacrificed their own freedom to bring democracy and peace to many.

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