Love is there for everyone. Campaign: Love knows no boundaries

Love knows no borders - Rainbow for Orlando

Light art bridge in Dusseldorf became the "Rainbow for Orlando"

The infinite light of a rainbow shone on Saturday evening from the Düsseldorf city hall over the city.

The campaign "Love knows no boundaries" PixelHELPER protests against the persecution of homosexuals in the totalitarian states of the world. There are still too many countries in the world such as Iran, Nigeria, Mauritania, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death!

Love knows no gender, no skin color or religion! Love knows no limits! We want this statement to be shared by PixelHELPER around the world with the light art project "Rainbow for Orlando". The reduction of egocentric perspectives through a change of perspective is very important to PixelHELPER. Let's finally free our heads and act consistently according to the motto "Free from the slavery of prejudice". Such liberation processes are often painful. Does it mean to say farewell to pious and cherished fairy tales and legends.

The attack on the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida USA has been more than painful, but despite all this, it is not in the spirit of the LGBT community to respond with equal resources. The PixelHELPER respond with love and light to the disturbed perpetrators and their morbidly prolonged attack. With the art project "Rainbow for Orlando" we want to give support to the community from Germany & New York. Our campaign love without Borders is committed to advocating the rights of gays worldwide and freeing gays from public prisons and protecting them from further discrimination and persecution. The rainbow symbolizes hope and perfection. Whenever people see a rainbow, it's clear: darkness and rain do not keep the last word.

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