From the Rainbow - light art connecting bridges

Love knows no borders - Rainbow for Orlando

Imagination is a balancing act over a rainbow.
"From the Rainbow"

The infinite light of a rainbow shone on Saturday evening from the Düsseldorf city hall over the city.

The “From the Rainbow” campaign the PixelHELPER stands for more tolerance and against hate.

The rainbow symbolizes hope & perfection. Whenever people see a rainbow, one thing is certain: darkness and rain do not have the last word.

The light art project “From the Rainbow” by Oliver Bienkowski is an ongoing project in which well-known bridges, buildings and urban architecture are being transformed into so-called rainbow bridges. So far, in addition to the harbor bridge in the Medienhafen in Düsseldorf, the Karl Branner bridge in Kassel has also been redesigned. This project split people up at the Documenta and developed a strong pull on international art visitors. The Brandenburg Gate was also transformed into a rainbow for the Festival of Lights. The well-known Kassel Bergpark Kaskaden, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, has also been painted a rainbow. With this the artist advocates more tolerance & against hatred.

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