Campaign for the Muslims of China's Uighurs

PixelHELPER supports the independence of the Uighurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Tibet

Free the Uighurs

We demand democracy in China. And own countries for Uyghur, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Tibet. The Communist Party must be dissolved immediately. Light projection pigeon

We demand religious freedom in China, respect for human rights and democratic elections for a better future. All mosques must be rebuilt at the expense of China, all #Uiguren You must be free to practice your faith.

Whenever a European trembles, a Uighure shivers over torture. In China, Islam is banned, a dream for right-wing idiots. 200 mosques were demolished, the Chinese want to know about garnix. The lock the Uighurs, and laugh in the fist. Anyone who believes in Allah in China, gets the children robbed from sleep.

And then all Muslims are gone, says Xi Jinping that was very nice. Because have watched all the states, but China's money you may have. But then you look like even away, meanwhile, the Uigure is in the dirt. A Koran is the ticket for the concentration camp torture season ticket.

Washed the Uyghurs brain, Mohammed would not allow that. Ride up to China's wall and lie down, in wait. Would send his riders to Hong Kong, Tibet and on and on. All Muslims would gather behind and Xi Jinping would pop one. In China there is then democracy and never again Islamophobia.

By means of re-education camps and close monitoring, the Chinese central government is trying to prevent unrest in the province. The existence of such facilities was officially confirmed by the government in October 2018, but at the same time denied these allegations of ill-treatment there.

For the Uighurs, a Muslim Turkvolki in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, a lot has changed in recent years (photo from the 22.09.2013, the ruins of a demolished mosque in Kashgar). But even the political leadership in Beijing had to realize that the largest province in the West of the People's Republic does not get a grip.

Chinese politics in Xinjiang are similar to those in Buddhist Tibet: ethnic Chinese and their companies are targeted. It is also they who benefit mainly from government infrastructure programs and investments. At the schools, the local language is being supplanted more and more by Mandarin. So the Uighurs are fleeing to religion to maintain their identity. The more the government suppresses Islam, the more radical it becomes.

We demand the immediate release of all Uighurs & the introduction
of religious freedom in China. Anyone can believe what he wants, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or one of the world's religions. China must stop its inhabitants from exercising religious freedom. In the German constitution is the religious freedom - that should take the Chinese Constitution as an example.

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