If you ever have a problem and don't know what to do next, then look for the PixelHELPER

Holocaust Memorial Marrakech for the forgotten LGBT victims of the Nazi dictatorship in Morocco. Destroyed by the anti-LGBT government of Morocco.

PixelHELPER looks after a worldwide Activist & artist network for human rights against Oppression & for freedom of expression to fight. With art we want to important social issues point out. We also operate Development aid projects in Africa. Own Canned bread bakeries produce to increase the Food stability for refugee camp, Conflict regions & natural disasters durable bread in cans. We are increasing the Food stability in Africa. In the area emergency Relief PixelHELPER is trying next to the canned bread factories in Africa that are close to UNHCR refugee camps to open small mobile container hospitals. Please help us at the Donate menu item and support the work of our organization.

Angela Merkel offers Julian Assange political asylum. Video art cartoon

Humor creates community! As long as us Menschlichkeit,Love and Humour connect, it doesn't matter what us separates, Humor encourages them tolerance, Cheerful tolerance in the pure Humour, in the size of the free personality is justified, the real goal of the People .

Light projection to the Hotel Sonnenbichl, the German seat of the torture king of Thailand.

By ours artistic work Let's make the world one better place and lead to it major social changes, aiming for a profound democratic society.In the name of tolerance should PixelHELPER claim the right, the intolerance not to tolerate. The focus is on projects for artistic freedom, human rights and against Antisemitismus.

Do the wrong things for the right reasons!

Although a majority Muslim population lives in Morocco, the Uighurs are not supported in China. We built a memorial for this, which was only noticed by the Arab press after a newspaper in Israel reported on the similar form to the Berlin Holocaust memorial. BBC Arabic reported on the project. This triggered an international press boomerang in which the coverage was no longer focused on the Uyghurs but on the Israel / Palestine conflict. Artwork succeeded!  

The Moroccan Holocaust story on Wikipedia never mentioned the slave labor camps in the desert where Jews died. Our memorial was destroyed by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior after a year of construction. We brought the subject of forced labor into the history of Morocco at Wikipedia in order to fight against historical falsification & anti-Semitism. And that although it was an art installation from the beginning to point out the human rights violations of China against the Uyghurs. 

The boomerang of art once again flew a creative arc to fight anti-Muslim racism and to mention the forgotten forced laborers within Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Morocco does not know such forms of action art. The team
On our Moroccan site, with the replica of the Orthanc tower from Lord of the Rings, the Moroccan authorities make life difficult. A soup kitchen for 500 people from the German THW was confiscated, a grave for a German development worker with bulldozers was destroyed and a development aid bakery, from which the population benefited directly, was razed to the ground. 

The PixelHELPER fight with a worldwide network of activists and artists unusual means against social ills. The participating artists often use the latest technology and all the tools of satire to put problems in the focus of media reporting.

Undeterred by the noise of the world, we go our way, calm and secure, fearless in dangers and, with high goals in mind, to protect the earth. Our basic belief is that the principles of the French Revolution "freedom, brotherhood equality" will be revived to fight against the repetition of political apathy.

Destruction of the Walter Lübcke mural by the Moroccan government.
Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble said in the Bundestag that Lübcke "Openly for the entry on which our open society builds: for decency, tolerance and humanity. The freedom of art is threatened worldwide Therefore PixelHELPER!

The founder of PixelHELPER is the light artist Oliver Bienkowski from Germany. Other light & action artists and many caricaturists are spread across the globe and work together for PixelHELPER for a better world.


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Only those who think differently change the world

But our Wrath is understandable, considering what we suffered. What did ours have to do? grandparents Picking tea for the Bigwigs in Ceylon?

What have ours Parents on the Cotton fields slaughtered for the Indians, and the poor Saxons in the Copper and Coltan mines near Dresden, just so that the Congolese 30 electrical appliances per household to have.

And the Cocoa and Coffee plantations in the Palatinate! Generations of Palatine have their own Health ruined for those nasty ones African corporations. And the Somali fishing fleets that have fished our North Sea emptyThat's why many had to go now East Frisian pirates .

Almost all our elephants shot her, for your Chess pieces and piano keys, Now you come with their jeeps and make safari and look the last elephants in the Bavarian Forest on. That's tough.

And back when the Herero attacked Germany, and this one Genocide committed against the Swabians, That also works after. Something like that, you just do not knock yourself out of clothes, It still hurts after 100 yearsYou do not recover that fast.

We're standing here to our knees corrosive chemicals, so you can in Bangladesh for 7 Euro Jeans can.

How many of our girls have we lost in the Diamond mines in Bielefeld, so that Bonzes in Sierra Leone can sing "Diamonds are the girls best friend ”, Now they are also coming over the Mediterranean and they still want it live in our gyms.

Yes, what else? What else should we do for you? At some point, it's overAt some point we can not do more! At some point, there will not be more!

Our Heart is far, but our possibilities are finite.

We. Systematic taboo break as an essential stylistic device

Who are the PixelHELPERS?

Robin Hood Everyone knows. The infamous robber Held gets a serious the Rivalwhose deeds are probably still famous will be than that of the original. With PixelHELPER International to fight about 70 international artists für eine better world, take from the rich in Europe and give to the poor all over the world. We are on. With the crowd of his faithful has PixelHELPER as an organization for human rights his headquarters in Africa found. For years we fight as Friend & protector of the poor and as a sworn one enemy those who Power & wealth to Abuse oppression.

Canned bread emergency aid in Morocco


"The PixelHELPER add their own revolutionary building block to art & satire with their work"

sagt Germany radio culture

“PixelHELPER is one of the most innovative incubators of political action art and stands for an expanded form of art,” some say. We say: Art has to cause pain, provoke & rebel. We are concerned with art as a form of social self-assurance in the spirit of the Enlightenment. Our campaigns show the possibilities of art as the fifth power in the state. Art is therefore not a mirror that you hold up to reality, but a hammer with which you shape it.

We recognize possibilities.

We learn. We play. We develop ideas. We get ideas out of the dark. We use the contrast. We make it spectacular, or make something disappear. We focus the view. We make connections. We change your perspective. We work in the shade. We search for the why with light. We give answers. We take a stand. We accuse. We play with the spark of light in our innermost. We carry him outside.
And we say: We are the PixelHELPER

The weak are also powerfully connected

Friedrich Schiller

Go out and prove yourself.

The PixelHELPER cube went around the world.

Solving the Rubik's Cube in the video “Around the World in 80 Days” symbolizes a fraternal chain of humanity around the earth, which PixelHELPER shapes virtually with its own livestream crowdfunding app in the Android Playstore and invites the viewer to interact.

In the course of life we ​​leave many traces. Even in the lives of other people whose paths we might only cross once and that we influenced so much so that their later life took a different turn. There would be no greater appreciation for the work of the PixelHELPER Foundation than a lasting positive influence on our society.

We fight with passion for a better world.

Humanism as an interactive experience in the live stream. Control the distribution via the emoticons in Facebook. Zombies have no race, color, or religion; only brains! The project “Zombies without Borders” sees itself as an interactive aid swarm platform. The name is derived from a number of zombie computers that are externally controlled. Our aim is nothing less than a solution to all humanitarian disasters through interactive help from viewers via the live stream. Our goal: 24 hour livestream from the hot spots of the world. Accompanying reporters in war zones, distributing aid in refugee camps or hunting poachers in the Kruger National Park. The possibilities of our swarm control are limitless. Our tool: The Facebook emoticons control the auxiliary swarm and decide what is to be done.

Technically it works like this that we start a live stream with transparent control elements and then invite the respective “Zombies without borders” employees to our live stream. In this way, we keep an eye on the choreography of the interactive control elements and react quickly to changes in the live stream at the location of the crisis.

Livestream crowdfunding app in Marrakech, Morocco

PixelHELPER Foundation | Presentation of the app in Marrakech, Morocco

  • On behalf of PixelHELPER's founder, 2009 awarded attac the prize "Start your own revolution" for its work for the homeless.
  • 2013 launched PixelHELPER a homeless Shitstorm campaign, which many German media, including the Süddeutsche Zeitung with a feature article about our action.
  • 2014 fueled the NSA / Drone scandal with 10 campaigns at the US embassy, ​​achieving weekly media coverage.
  • In 2015 the new arms dealers of Dr. Oetker Group became known nationwide through light projections to the Federal Ministry of Defense overnight.

From the Rainbow

PixelHELPER wants to protest against the persecution of homosexuals in totalitarian states of the world. There are still too many countries in the world like Iran, Nigeria, Mauritania, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death!
Love knows no gender, no skin color or religion! Love knows no limits! We want to spread this statement, the PixelHELPER, around the world with the light art project "From the Rainbow".

mobile project headquarters

Emergency cold capsule for homeless people

Winter is approaching & homeless people need our help. Our solution: The PixelHELPER cold emergency capsule against freezing people on Germany's streets. Every year fewer Germans die from plane crashes than homeless people freeze to death. In Germany there are over half a million homeless outside the social safety net. Again and again people are sent to the door when the temperature is below zero and then freeze to death miserably. And the problem of homelessness in Germany itself is not being addressed in a sustainable manner. This is where our reintegration program for the homeless comes into play. Starting with cold emergency capsules to protect the homeless from an all too easily avoidable death, we are building a system that combats the basic problems of homelessness, lack of security, no job opportunities and social alienation, and so helps people to return to a normal life bit by bit enables.

We're just a slightly advanced brood of monkeys on a small planet orbiting a very average star.

Stephen Hawking
Founder of PixelHELPER Oliver Bienkowski with Moroccan street dog ET