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On this page you will find a timeline from the historical development of the non-profit organization PixelHELPER back to the year 2008. It all started with the award of attac - start your own revolution to Oliver Bienkowski, founder of PixelHELPER. Since then, hundreds of news platforms around the world have reported on our projects.


PixelHELPER protest with hand puppet of the King of Thailand together with Junya Yimprasert from ACT4DEM (Act for Demcracy) Finland.

PixelHELPER protest together Junya Yimprasert from ACT4DEM (Act for Demcracy) Finland at Hotel Sonnenbichl Garmisch Partenkirchen

PixelHELPER protest at the Garmisch Partenkirchen town hall

The Moroccan newspaper Hespress reports on the diplomatic expulsion of the Moroccan government against PixelHELPER, against which we complain. Apparently the construction of our Uyghuren Holocaust Memorial was too much for the government's understanding of art.

Projection with Wikileaks onto Buckingham Palace for Julian Assange
Our reforestation instead of landmines campaign is in the Moroccan Hespress, the largest newspaper in the country.


About 80 Newspapers + BBC UK + Arabic reported. Haaretz, Israel

Action against forced laborers and history falsification at Bahlsen

Light projection at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin against Bahlsen

Lübeck News: Rescue mission in the Mediterranean

Action against misanthropy of democracy life / VDMO / PixelHELPER

PixelHELPER supports the petition against pesticides


Light projection with Jan Böhmermann on the Dresden Frauenkirche

Times of Malta, light projection for the dead journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

IMP News, with the Kurdish community, we realized light projections at Bellevue Castle.

A. Gomringer published our projection on his page

Deutsche Welle Arabic: Light projections for Mercator Foundation against Islamic racism

Meydan.TV light projection on the embassy of Azerbaijan

Spiegel Online: Light projections for the release of Charles Puigdemont

Taz: Frozen ice blocks for Jan Böhmermann


OVB Online: Light Projections at the Federal Intelligence Service in Bad Aibling

Berliner Morgenpost: Action against the undemocratic election in Turkey

Bildzeitung: Light projection at Turkish embassy

ntv: Light projection against the illegal use of the Red Notice by Turkey

Light projection for the release of Deniz Yücel

Goood: Just improve the world

Berliner Zeitung: Protest against Saudi Crown Prince

Light projection police station for Oury Jalloh

Sleaze Magazine: Light projection to the Embassy of North Korea

Sputnik: Light projection on messages from Russia and the USA

Tagesspiegel: Light projection for election in Turkey


Independent UK: Light projection on Turkish embassy

Sputnik: 9 / 11 Bank shines on Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Deutsche Welle: Light projection to the Saudi embassy

Farben Kreul: Artist portrait about Oliver Bienkowski from PixelHELPER

franceinfo + afp: Light projection Daesh

Hape Kerkeling shares the light projection by PixelHELPER

Daily Mirror: Daesh Bank at Saudi Embassy

Sputnik: Erdogan with Hitler's beard and armlet with half moon

Sputnik - light projection on the Turkish embassy

Stern, activists project Erdogan's poem on the Turkish Embassy

Tagesspiegel, PixelHELPER sleeping boxes for the homeless


Artnet is one of the world's largest art platforms.

Swiss Broadcasting: ECB out of service

Light projection in the Neuss Grevenbroicher Zeitung

Berliner Morgenpost: On the night of death we projected for Helmut Schmidt to the SPD headquarters.
Berlin est a nous: Light projection Daesh Bank

Firstlife: Dr. Oetker Tasteless shops

Kai Thrun: blogger about livestream swarm help

Kurier Austria: Light projection at US Embassy

Märkische Allgemeine über PixelHELPER: Refugees Welcome in Nauen

NRW Now: Manage helpers online and accomplish good days

APA: NSA in da House at Vienna UNO City

Spiegel Online: ECB out of action

TedX Talk in Marrakech by PixelHELPER Oliver Bienkowski

Environmental News: Light projection against potash salt

Urbanshit: Light projections against weapons investments by Dr. Ing. Oetker

Report by 37 ° ZDF about PixelHELPER

Bielefeld News


Now: Light projection on the US Embassy against wiretapping scandal

TheVerge: Light projection against the NSA

Go out and prove yourself: From the bell bag to crowdfunding


Spiegel Online International: Light projection for Kim Dotcom

Founder of PixelHELPER in SPIEGEL

Reuters report on PixelHELPER

Sueddeutsche, Feuilleton mediahacking for the homeless


Light installations with the Bismarck Foundation on Bismarck towers

Stern: Light installation on the Hypo Real Estate

Extratip, Rainbow Bridge Kassel


Deutsche Welle on reverse graffiti

Augsburger Allgemeine über Hypo Real Estate

Cooperation with the Ministry for Rural Areas in BW

Light installation at the Festival of Lights


Colorful instead of brown, light projections against right-wing radicalism


The founder of PixelHELPER International, Attac's 2009 won the prize "Start your Own Revolution". Since then, he has done everything in his power to make 10 years later a collaborative collective around the globe. The focus is on projects for freedom of the arts, human rights and anti-Semitism
attac: Awards "Start your own revolution"

HNA Kassel: Coffins for monument protection


Light installation on Pariser Platz to the Brandenburg Gate

Frankfurter Rundschau: Citizens' requests on order

Stone of contention

Award ceremony by attac to the founder of PixelHELPER

book entries

Otto Kettmann: Limburg 2013 Anatome of a scandal

Eric Mülling: Big Data and Digital Disobedience

Monika Mühlpfordt - The slogan as descendant of the spell

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Only those who think differently change the world

But our Wrath is understandable, considering what we suffered. What did ours have to do? grandparents Picking tea for the Bigwigs in Ceylon?

What have ours Parents on the Cotton fields slaughtered for the Indians, and the poor Saxons in the Copper and Coltan mines near Dresden, just so that the Congolese 30 electrical appliances per household to have.

And the Cocoa and Coffee plantations in the Palatinate! Generations of Palatine have their own Health ruined for those nasty ones African corporations. And the Somali fishing fleets that have fished our North Sea emptyThat's why many had to go now East Frisian pirates .

Almost all our elephants shot her, for your Chess pieces and piano keys, Now you come with their jeeps and make safari and look the last elephants in the Bavarian Forest on. That's tough.

And back when the Herero attacked Germany, and this one Genocide committed against the Swabians, That also works after. Something like that, you just do not knock yourself out of clothes, It still hurts after 100 yearsYou do not recover that fast.

We're standing here to our knees corrosive chemicals, so you can in Bangladesh for 7 Euro Jeans can.

How many of our girls have we lost in the Diamond mines in Bielefeld, so that Bonzes in Sierra Leone can sing "Diamonds Are the Girls Best Friend ", Now they are also coming over the Mediterranean and they still want it live in our gyms.

Yes, what else? What else should we do for you? At some point, it's overAt some point we can not do more! At some point, there will not be more!

Our Heart is far, but our possibilities are finite.t as a form of social self-assurance in the spirit of the Enlightenment. Our campaigns highlight the possibilities of art as the fifth power in the state. Accordingly, art is not a mirror that one holds up to reality, but rather a hammer with which one designs it, combats it, and thus enables people to gradually return to a normal life.

Founder of PixelHELPER Oliver Bienkowski with Moroccan street dog ET
A small summary of various PrixelHELPER actions