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With a Foundation model we guarantee our important work for Menschenrechte & more Humanität also about the next generations away. When the PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH the fortune falls to the "Freemasonry Relief Society”(FHW). He is the one charitable institution of freemason in Germany. The masonic Members of PixelHELPER want again how to Zeiten of French revolution, yourself actively fight against injustice wherever it shows. since Centuries engage oneself freemason for the good on the World and try through your Act other Idol to be. The freemason operated until 1980 an own Hospital in Hamburg and still operate today Old people's home in the hanseatic city. More information can be found in the menu item freemason

Pro7 Galileo: Documentation about the Freemasons with PixelHELPER founder Oliver Bienkowski

PixelHELPER, is an international non-profit minority & human rights organization inspired by the ideals of the Freemasons. Undeterred by the noise of the world, we go our way, calm and secure, fearless in dangers, high goals in mind to protect the earth. Fundamental belief is that the principles of the French Revolution "Liberty, equality, fraternity" needed to fight the repetition of political apathy. When the PixelHELPER Foundation non-profit GmbH is dissolved, the property falls to the “Freimaurerisches Hilfswerk eV” (FHW). It is the charitable organization of Freemasons in Germany. With this foundation model, we guarantee our important work across the next generations. The Masonic members of PixelHELPER want to actively defend themselves against injustice wherever it shows, just like during the French Revolution. Freemasons have been committed to the good of the world for centuries and try to be different role models through their actions. True to the motto: “Know yourself!” The members try to put a chain of humanity across the globe.

Extract from the German Freemason newspaper “Humanität”

PixelHELPER was founded in the year 2011 by the light artist & freemason Oliver Bienkowski with 70 fellow campaigners, including 6 other freemasons. Freemasonry is a friendship confederation, an ethically oriented federation, an initiation community and a symbolic Werkbund, born out of the tradition of the European Enlightenment. With its value positions of humanity, fraternity, freedom, justice, love of peace and tolerance, it provides orientation and standards for the thoughts and actions of its members.

Freemasons operate hospitals and retirement homes in Germany

The Freemason Hospital opened its doors on October 3, 1795 on Dammtorwall as the first institute for the admission of sick people, which was previously completely lacking in Hamburg. It was initially set up as a hospital for female servants and was expanded a few years later for male servants. The planning went from Friedrich Ludwig Schröder with the help of the brothers von Axen Absalom to the three nettles, Dr. Bedtmann, Dr. Pour Ferdinande Caroline to the three stars and Cords St. Georg to the green spruce.

At that time, the United 4 Hamburg lodges (Absalom to the 3 nettles, St. Georg to the green spruce, Emanuel to the Maienblume and Ferdinande Caroline to the three stars) existed, to which only after agreement about the payment of the portion of the assets attributable to them In 1799 the lodge 'Ferdinand zum Felsen' joined. The final, economic association of the 'United 5 Hamburg Lodges' has been in existence since this year. The management of their collective assets was in the hands of the 'Treasury and Alms Comité der Ver. 5 boxes'. This committee, under its chairman, Brey (Ferdinande Caroline to the three stars), decided to rebuild the hospital in 1883 and provided the means for this so that the new house on Kleinen Schäferkamp with 06.10.1885 beds can already be used on October 80, XNUMX could.

Quote about Masons

"I wish the ideals represented by Masons would be more widespread in society. Today we need more tolerance and a humane attitude to make society more human. "

says Ignaz Bubis

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is not arbitrary, not expendable, but something necessary, founded in the nature of human beings and in bourgeois society.
The purpose of the Masonic Confederation is to educate its members on true humanity. The means for this are the exercise of the symbolic practices inherited from the medieval huts, the mutual instruction of the important affairs of humanity, the cultivation of the ideal and the stimulation of true friendship and brotherly love. Everyone should spread these principles outside the Lodge, promote the Enlightenment and oppose intolerance. In the lodge the members are stimulated by shared experience of symbol and ritual of self-education. By advocating human dignity, cultivating brotherhood, and doing charity, the Masons seek to realize the ideals of humanity.

Masons in the GDR

ORF: Documentation about the Masons

Livestream crowdfunding app in Marrakech, Morocco

PixelHELPER Foundation | Presentation of our humanitarian liveapp on TedX, Morocco Marrakech

Masonic light installation geometry, Dusseldorf Germany

Rainbow laser installation “From the Rainbow”, Düsseldorf Germany

Founder of PixelHELPER meets Otmar Alt

Meet Otmar Alt, one of the most famous Masonic contemporary artists

PixelHELPER Foundation | Meeting of PixelHELPER founder Oliver Bienkowski with Otmar Alt one of the most famous Masonic contemporary artists

Visit to the Masonic Museum

Visit to the German Masonic Museum in Bayreuth

PixelHELPER Foundation | Visit to the Masonic Museum in Bayreuth

The essence of the Masonic Confederation

The essence of the Masonic Confederation is the unity of guiding idea, supporting fraternal communion, and deepening symbolic experience. As members of an ethical covenant, the Freemasons advocate humanity, brotherhood, tolerance, love of peace and social justice. As a community of brotherly connected people, the lodge is the training ground for these values. Freemasonry serves as a symbolic union of the internalization of idea and community. This is their peculiarity over all other associations with related goals.

As always the old and always new question: What is Freemasonry? It is important to understand the Masonic Confederacy as a unity of idea, community and symbolic expression. This multifaceted nature of the covenant allows human inclinations different access possibilities. Thus, one may be attracted by living spiritual controversy, while others may see the essential in the human community of the lodge, and the third, finally, in symbol and customs, will experience the center of the covenant. Satisfied Freemasonry is realized only in the interaction of all its elements.

Founder of PixelHELPER in Hessenquiz

Quote about Masons

"I wish the ideals represented by Masons would be more widespread in society. Today we need more tolerance and a humane attitude to make society more human. "

says Ignaz Bubis

The mental work

Freemasons know that the values ​​to which they confess have always been brought back to life, made more precise in the face of existing dangers, and must be realized in ever new efforts. The Masonic Confederation refrains from formulating political programs and does not participate in party-political conflicts. Instead, lodges should be places where responsible personal action is prepared through information and joint reflection. The Freemasons continue to carry out their vitally important enlightenment task by overcoming prejudices, by developing sensitivity to time problems and by striving for a common search for truth.

Masons are aware that meaningful lives of individuals and social groups require two things: to know about the world in which one lives and to have values ​​that guide action. The lodges should provide orientation through information and joint reflection. Reflecting reality in the light of humanity, fraternity, tolerance, love of peace and social justice can at the same time convey decision-making criteria.

It is true that Masons do not know how a human world should look in detail because they refrain from formulating socio-political utopias. However, the concepts of humanity and tolerance give them the ability to detect threats and act responsibly.

TV Interview DW.DE, PixelHELPER Founder Oliver Bienkowski, Deutsche Welle TV, Berlin Germany

Best of PixelHELPER

Livestream crowdfunding app in Marrakech, Morocco

PixelHELPER Foundation | Presentation of our humanitarian liveapp on TedX, Morocco Marrakech

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