Put some pressure on! Donors help to arouse public outrage. Make cross-border art projects possible. Nowhere else do you get so many campaigns for the freedom of art & human rights for every euro donated as with us.

IBAN: DE93 4306 0967 1190 1453 00
Bank: GLS Community Bank
Owner: nonprofit PixelHELPER Foundation

Would you like to support us anonymously because otherwise you would go to prison in your donor country? Absolutist and dictatorial states make it almost impossible to get involved. Please use our digital wallet, alternatively scroll down and use the normal GLS Bank donation form:
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Nuseir Yassin met PixelHELPER in Berlin. The Rubiks Cube from its first million videos is now owned by PixelHELPER.

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IBAN: DE93 4306 0967 1190 1453 00
Bank: GLS Community Bank
Owner: nonprofit PixelHELPER Foundation

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Income tax return

Donations to nonprofit organizations can be claimed as special expenses up to a share of 20% of your income.
These special expenses reduce your taxable income if they exceed the lump sum of 36 Euro.
For donations up to 100 Euro you do not have to submit any supporting documents. Simplified proof obligations apply up to 200 Euro. A meaningful remittance slip is sufficient.

Be brave. Be loud. Be there when a small group of people push a big change in society.

Get pressure & attention - support us now! As a donor, you are making an invaluable contribution to arousing public outrage - for a better world.

Become concrete now and make a cross-border scandal possible. Nowhere else do you get so much rebellion and uprising for every donated Euro as here.

You will receive an email newsletter with current campaigns. You see that human rights are being violated and nobody is looking? We look forward to your advice! As a supporter / donor, you have the personal and exclusive opportunity to be part of the PixelHELPER campaigns. Our organization has the recognized non-profit status. Therefore every donation is tax deductible.


Contact Person

E-Mail for supporting members: Oliver Bienkowski, oliver@PixelHELPER.org
Oliver Bienkowski, Oliver@PixelHELPER.org 0049 / 163 71 666 23

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  • We are effective! We work safely and transparently and do without a huge administrative apparatus.
  • We are loud! With your donation you enable effective campaigns for human rights.
  • We hold on! Our work requires patience and a long breath. With a permanent donation you help us to stay tuned!

For us, donating means ...

  • The PixelHELPER Foundation is charitable and recognized as being particularly eligible.
  • Your donation is tax deductible.
  • We are happy to issue you a donation receipt.
  • Of course, regular donations can be changed or terminated at any time without notice.
  • Through your direct donation to our donation account we do not incur any booking costs.


The PixelHELPER Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code. It is exempt from corporation and trade tax in accordance with the exemption notice from the Magdeburg tax office of January 28, 2016, because it serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged charitable and benevolent purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 ff. AO.