The operator of this website is also the organization PixelHELPER International in Morocco.

The globally operating artist collective is officially represented by the umbrella organization:

PixelHELPER International
Imm.El Massoudi, Rue Mauritanie, Gueliz
40000 Marrakech, Morocco
Managing Director: Oliver Bienkowski
Jurisdiction is Marrakech, Morocco

We learn. We play. We develop ideas. We get ideas out of the dark. We use the contrast. We make it spectacular, or make something disappear. We focus the view. We make connections. We change your perspective. We work in the shade. We search for the why with light. We give answers. We take a stand. We accuse. We play with the spark of light in our innermost. We carry him outside.
And we say: We are the PixelHELPER. This is our legal notice. If you want to sue us, we recommend a good lawyer in Morocco. For all other partners, friends & supporters, this site is operated by the international organization PixelHELPER International in Morocco. Together with other PixelHELPER groups in Brazil, Europe & Asia we fight for human rights & interactive emergency aid in the digital live stream. Worldwide.

Convince yourself of our valuable work in our activity reports. Are you over 55? Are your relatives getting on your nerves? Make a will and donate a portion to human rights before it's too late. 

With every euro of your donation, we can implement spectacular, sustainable art projects to preserve humanity for humanity. At the same time, you can use our donation form to make targeted donations for development aid in Africa or environmental projects.  


Protest at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia
PixelHELPER supporter Nuseir Yassin on his world tour of the Rubic Cube