24. Mai 2016 OliverBienkowski

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For an immediate stop of the tank exports to Saudi Arabia pixels Helper projected together with the Action outcry – Stop the arms trade, the words „Thanks no tanks to Saudi Arabia“ at the Federal Chancellery and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are still among the most important customers of German armaments companies. In the first half 2015, arms exports have been approved worth almost 180 million euros to Saudi Arabia – with Britain and Israel were even more extensive operations.

Germany is the European champion in arms exports. Worldwide, it takes behind the US and Russia in third place. With the approval of the Federal Government German weapons and military equipment are also supplied to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia. That can not continue. We want to set the shops with an end to death.

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light projection on the Federal Chancellery and the Saudi Embassy with a biplane

Our light projections attract international media attention and ensure that these important humanitarian issues are not forgotten. Please share our projects on Facebook! If you support our causes, we would be grateful for any donations, which allow us to continue our campaigns. Even a few euros makes a difference! Sharing is Caring. Please support our non-profit organization./strong>

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