19. January 2020 Oliver Bienkowski

European canned bread emergency aid - food stability for Africa

Delivery of bread to the poor rural population of Ait Faska

Welcome to the Afrikahilfe project of PixelHELPER. Immediately after the death of Karl Heinz Böhm of Menschen für Menschen, we drove 2014 to Morocco to lay the foundation for our activities in Africa. Now, 5 Years later, we have achieved quite a bit and are able to provide development aid throughout Africa. It's easier to organize from our North African headquarters than it is from Europe.

Project start in the middle of the stone desert.
Project status August 2019

We have converted a small farm, 40 km from Marrakech in Morocco, into an interactive livestream studio. In production under the eyes of the cameras, we use our self-programmed interactive livestream swarm aid software, which we will also offer to other development aid organizations for future use. 

PixelHELPER wants to give people the freedom to shape their lives self-determined and self-reliant without material hardship and to give their children a good future. PixelHELPER contributes to the sustainable improvement of worldwide economic, social, ecological and political conditions. PixelHELPER combats poverty and promotes human rights, the rule of law and democracy. PixelHELPER contributes to the prevention of crises and violent conflicts. PixelHELPER promotes a socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and thus sustainable shaping of globalization.

We presented our livestream swarm aid software at a TED Talk in Marrakech in 2014. The farm is the first practical place where we use our software. We look forward to new supporters and visitors to our project.

Firing the largest charcoal stove in North Africa, Ait Faska Morocco
(5 meter flat roof construction, very rare)

With canned bread against food shortages caused by war and climate change

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 interactive production platforms for relief supplies

Livestream swarm help software

We presented our livestream swarm aid software at a TED Talk in Marrakech. A TED Talk is an event where trend-setting speeches are given on topics that move us and will move us in the future.

European canned bread emergency aid

The Mbera refugee camp is 2000 kilometers from the PixelHELPER livestream headquarters. The bakery of our canned bread emergency aid produces long-life bread for refugee camps and disaster areas. The spirulina algae produced in Morocco are supposed to help against malnutrition and malnutrition in the warehouse. W.We want to build a location in front of the refugee camp and use our livestream swarm help software to help people. The refugee camp is the 4 largest city in Mauritania, we want to make sure that the suffering of the war refugees is alleviated.

The PixelHELPER have created a unique space and bring the audience closer to the production of relief goods in Africa. Emergency cubes come with a sleeping bag, gas stove, first aid kit & amp; Flashlight equipped. Everything you need when you lose your home after a natural disaster.

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We create jobs & prospects

We create jobs and create a perfect development with the construction of public football pitches, public swap cabinets and cultural offerings. As our region is in the midst of an economically rural region, many local companies and raw material suppliers benefit from orders and can hire new employees themselves.

Morocco is the most modern country in Africa.

From Morocco we reach all African countries with sea containers with the deep-sea ports in Tangier and Casablanca. The connection to Europe is excellent. From the Spanish mainland to Marrakech, there are just 6 hours by car.

We have created a center here to quickly coordinate humanitarian aid and bring it to your destination quickly by car, sea container or plane. Here on the site we can easily manufacture everything that people in refugee camps need. We will set up the first outpost in front of the UNHCR camp in Mauritania.

Our livestream technology generates 6 interactive boxes on the left side of the live video. These boxes can be changed by us at any time regarding the activity and the amount of donations. We have created an interactive swarm help function that will enable us to respond to the current situation in refugee camps and provide direct assistance.

The capabilities of our Schwarmhilfe software are also available for other NGOs. Contact us.