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News arise and spread worldwide every second. After some news, the world seems to be turning differently than before. News affects our lives. We get up with you and take you into the night. No matter where in the world at any time, a butterfly flaps its wings. And something can arise that has a meaning for us. Modern technologies have made the world small. But regional and global conflicts seem to be growing. Many wonder who you can trust. Which information is still reliable and whether peace and prosperity in Germany continue. This is exactly where our mission begins. And in the international network we create reliable foundations, sometimes at high risk, because it takes arm's length ahead to act responsibly. Integer & loyally committed to the people to protect Germany.

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TED Talk against surveillance

Surveillance State: "NSA in the House"

and United Stasi of America stood on the walls of the American Embassy in Berlin and other American consulates in Germany, including Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The reason for this is the shameless spying on the NSA and the American secret service.

The NSA defends its surveillance strategy as necessary to fight against terrorism. Moreover, it justifies itself by saying, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear". Unfortunately, the surveillance of the NSA goes much further in terms of the fight against terror. Your telephone, Skype, Whatsapp calls can be monitored, even though you have nothing to do with terrorists, based on the "3rd Degree Friend" principle.

In addition, these monitoring techniques prevented only 4 attacks. Is it worth our privacy for an apparent but unreal security give up? PixelHELPER does not believe in it, that's why we started this campaign.

The first success after 13 light projection, in the weekly rhythm and large media coverage:

The departure of Germany's top CIA man boss.

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Surveillance Campaign Videos and TV Rides

ZDF 37Grad | ARTE Tracks | TED X Netherlands |

Oliver shows in a TED talk in the Netherlands the projects he's working on: light art festivals, activism, eg light caricatures against Saudi Arabia, the NSA, etc., and mediahacking, for visibility on homelessness and other topics that the media ignores will bring.

In a short documentary by ZDF 37 °, PixelHELPER & Oliver show how he organized the light projection at the American embassy in Berlin. From the collection from his projector in a bunker in Düsseldorf, the meeting with the press, to the actual projection of the "NSA in da house" light art caricature, which has to end with the arrival of the police.

PixelHELPER on ARTE tracks. Light projection on the Federal Intelligence Service, Berlin. This short video shows a light attack, which Oliver has organized at the building of the Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin. The projection shows "BMW instead of BND" to protest against the surveillance methods used by the intelligence services against the population.

PixelHELPER with KimDotCom at the US Embassy. United Stasi of America. Published in SPIEGEL “DerPakt”. This homemade video shows another action against the American embassy in Berlin. "United Stasi of America" ​​lights up on the wall, but only until the police arrive.

WDR Current Hour on PixelHELPER, BND and NSA. In this extract from WDR Current Hour of 15.07.2013, the journalist reports on the light projection from the "United Stasi of America" ​​logo, which the Anonymous activists have organized at the American Consulate.

[Double projection LIVE in the WDR studio by Anke Engelke. This homemade video shows how the slides with the logo “NSA in da house” were assembled and projected in front of the UN buildings in Bonn and Vienna.

[Light projection US Embassy Hamburg, pedal boat meets police boat. The video shows Oliver and Sep in a beautiful Austrian farm, calling the Austrians to protest against the NSA in Vienna. Then you are in Hamburg in front of the US consulate, which you can reach by boat. You are projecting an Austrian flag with NSA around the logo. The action ends like any other: with the police.

Yes we scan! Beat the Raab, Prosieben TV Prank.The video explains how Oliver and his team have painted the body of a Jung to make an action on "Schlag den Raab" in Cologne. On the body the motto "Yes we spy" and Obama's face were painted. The action was unfortunately discovered immediately by the security.

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