19. February 2018 Oliver Bienkowski

Forced laborer at Bahlsen Oetker & Co. KG

Brown biscuits - difficult to digest

After #PixelHELPER Research in # Federal Archives must the #Wikipedia Article by Hans #Bahlsen can be rewritten. He served on the defensive staff of the deputy general command until 1944. There was cooperation for the Nazis #Zwangsarbeiter & Factories in Ukraine #VerenaBahlsen

After an appearance at the event Online Marketing Rockstars it started. Suddenly, the criticism of Bahlsen's bragging got a darker note: The heiress, who is so proud of the history of the family business, owe their fortune also the exploitation of victims of the Nazi regime.

As the picture-Newspaper the heiress asked about it, she reacted very sloppily. “It's not okay to associate my talk with it,” she said - and she may be a little right about that: It's unfair to throw this at someone who just wanted to talk about it, like them Economy can be “a vehicle” “to move us forward as a society”.

“That was before my time and we paid the forced laborers the same as the Germans and treated them well. The court dismissed the claims. Today there are no more claims against Bahlsen. Bahlsen was not guilty of anything. "

And that was a real grip on the toilet, on which Bahlsen can really blame himself this time. Quite apart from that ...

The killed forced laborer from a Bahlsen plant. What happened to forced laborers who could no longer work? They were killed in concentration camps.
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Light projection on the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Press photographer: Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann
Wanted poster: Who has information about deporting Bahlsen forced laborers into concentration camps? Press photographer: Oleg Rostovtsev

But then Bahlsen kept talking. And that sounded like this:

  • ... that the company does not work for the workers so great could have treated if they complained afterwards, ...
  • ... and that it is daring to claim that Bahlsen has “not been guilty of anything” just because a court has run the company for statute of limitations for its crimes could not judge anymore, ...

... is not it brutally tasteless to deal with your own past? What would it have cost Bahlsen to show himself a bit penitent? Instead, she decided to play down forced labor in the Nazi regime.

The company Bahlsen According to a report in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, her forced laborers may have paid less than previously claimed during the Nazi era. The newspaper cites an evaluation of the cookie manufacturer's wage cards from the XNUMXs.

Company heiress Verena Bahlsen recently had the Nazi past of her ancestors and the company in the “Bild” newspaper downplayed. "We paid the slave laborers the same as the Germans and treated them well," she said. The 26-year-old has since apologized for her choice of words.

Polish and Ukrainian forced laborers are said to have received between five and ten Reichsmarks per week, according to the “Zeit” report. By far the largest part of the gross wage, which was between 23 and 29 Reichsmarks, was withheld: For taxes and social security contributions - from which these women never benefited - but also for fines and high costs for forced accommodation in the camp.

"Why can a family remember differently?"

According to the report, however, this cannot be compared with the payment of German workers during the Nazi era, as it was called with reference to the Arolsen Archives in Bad Arolsen. An archive spokeswoman told the "Zeit": "According to historical research, German workers received an average wage of around 44 Reichsmarks."

The Bahlsen Group does not want to comment specifically on this difference so far.

As the SPIEGEL reports in its current issue, the Bahlsen family from Hanover was also more deeply involved in the Nazi regime during the Nazi era than previously known. So were Verena Bahlsen's grandfather and his brothers in the NSDAP and have promoted the SS. 

The #Wehrmacht #Biscuit. Das # Krümelmonster #VerenaBahlsen from Bahlsen should 40% of your company shares in the #Concentration camp#Auschwitz cede. #OhneMampfkeinKampf & #ohneFeldpostkeineKampfmoralThe iron ration of the Wehrmacht made sieges and lightning wars possible in World War II. Donate for a light projection against Bahlsen to: paypal@pixelhelper.tv Der #Leibniz Biscuit from Verena Bahlsen's company was part of this system and decisive for the war. Without him would be #Stalingrad ended earlier. The company Bahlsen carries as well #Temmler, the the #Hitler Coke have produced, much to blame for the war of annihilation #Nazis in the third Reich. That Bahlsen once paid 1500 € compensation to the forced laborers is a bad joke. Bahlsen provided maps with the Leibniz Feldpost, the basis of front communication during the First World War. #Kriegspropaganda means today #Reklamekunst #The original# Nurechtmit52Zähnen #Vernichtungslager #eiserneRation #Hannover#Kriegstreiber In Allied bombing raids, the forced laborers women were only expected a wooden shelter, the fine lords of #Bahlsen did not even have one for your employees #Bunker built. Here shows the misanthropic capitalist image of a #Nazi Follower family. It was only through such families that the Nazis were able to maintain their sick system. Let's show Ms. Bahlsen that we forgive her; but you have to donate 40% of your shares to #Auschwitz. Request it from you personally - you can find it here on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/verena.bahlsen & Instagram @verenabahlsen

Oetker, Bahlsen & Co. are upgrading

While the Bundeswehr is moving to Syria to fight ISIS and the world is afraid of terrorist attacks on the Christmas markets, the rich of Germany are investing in armaments companies. Recently, some shareholders of Dr. Ing. August Oetker KG is involved in the acquisition of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH, whose business fields include German fighter jets. The defense industry is sometimes a difficult investment field. Although the market is likely to be secured not least by the many arms exports and Bundeswehr operations, but at the supposed security business also just a lot of blood sticks.

Use light art to ignite the medial flame

PixelHELPER set itself the goal in the quiet Advent season to point out this investment of the family Oetker. So that in the bustle of pre-Christmas time when buying ingredients for the Christmas cookies not this little peaceful message goes down, Bienkowski has launched various protests. For example, the light artist projected a Dr. Oetker logo in armored form and the signature "Kanonenfutter" to the company facade of Dr. med. Oetker in Bielefeld. It may have been just a little extra light on the night sky of Bielefeld, which illuminated the festively decorated streets, but here it is more about the media attention. And exactly in this sense Bienkowski tested on the well-known Slingshot Channel on YouTube together with Jörg Sprave a homemade pudding cannon.

War as a private matter

And what reactions did all this trigger? After all, there was an official statement of the Bielefeld company in the meantime. "The investment is a private matter of two family members and has nothing to do with the company. Oetker ", according to a newspaper report of the Neue Westfälische Zeitung. And so Bienkowski brought to the next strike against the family Oetker to reach their conscience. The question of whether it is a company owner of Dr. med. Oetker is involved in the armaments business, this time was sugar sweet and absolutely tasteless by the Berlin Boys Choir.

Can morale be colder than your own frozen pizza?

This is how Rolf Zuckowski's backhit "In der Weihnachtsbäckerei" quickly became the socially critical "In the Arms Bakery". The children ask the Oetker family: "Where has the moral remained?" The action hit is presented together with the Berlin hip hop artist Vokalmatador. But not only in terms of vocal technique and content, the appearance has a lot to offer, the staging is true. With pig masks in front of a 1,45 meter long wooden box. In this tasteless backdrop, at least Richard Oetker should pass away the joy of the armaments business. After all, this end 1976 was kidnapped in such a box and held captive. The hijacker had a pig mask. Is the action tasteless? For sure. But how many ready blends do you need to forget your own past and invest in arms deals whose products nearly killed you nearly 40 years ago?

For an immediate stop of tank exports to Saudi Arabia, PixelHELPER projected the words "Thanks no Tanks to Saudi Arabia" to the Federal Chancellery and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia together with the campaign "Outcry - Stop the Arms Trade".

The Saudis are still among the most important customers of German defense companies. In the first half of 2015, arms exports worth almost 180 million euros to Saudi Arabia were approved - only with Great Britain and Israel, there were even larger deals.

Germany is European champion in arms exports. Worldwide, it takes third place behind the US and Russia. With federal government approval, German weapons and armaments are also supplied to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia. That can not go on like this. We want to put an end to business with death.

European canned bread emergency aid