6. Mai 2020 OliverBienkowski

Send King Vajiralongkorn back to Thailand!

Rebellion for democracy shines on the Bundestag, its the federal parliament. We urge the German Government to start steps to throw the king out of Germany. Thai people have to rebel, abolish the monarchy & hold free democratic elections.

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searching for the truth. No Justice 10 years after.

We decided to take action to protest against the Thai king, who is resident in Germany,because we cannot allow a monarch with a long history of abusive behaviour to benefit from the freedom and liberty in Germany while robbing his own country.

the english version of this are in the videos of RTL & Bild, we change it during the next 24 hours
the english version of this are in the videos of RTL & Bild, we change it during the next 24 hours

We will continue our actions in various forms, including a petition for local authorities in Bavaria to revoke permission for the king to stay there. We will keep going until he is sent back to Thailand and face Thai people.

Our light projection protest at Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl is just the start of our struggle to make the king accountable to the people of Thailand. We need your support, please donate to our campaign.

Thais fighting for democracy and freedom of speech support the international group PixelHELPER Foundation to launch a campaign of protests against King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand, a cruel and violent monarch who reigns through fear and intimidation with the help of his allies in the military.

the english version of this are in the videos of RTL & Bild, we change it during the next 24 hours

The 67-year-old monarch became king in 2017 but spends hardly any time in Thailand. For several years he has been spending most of his time at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, along with a harem of 20 women and an entourage of more than 100 servants and palace officials.

Many of the women in his harem and servants in his entourage are prisoners in Germany. They don’t want to serve Vajiralongkorn but they have no choice. Sources working for the king in Bavaria say staff who displease him are routinely beaten and whipped by Vajiralongkorn’s henchmen as punishment. The beatings are filmed because Vajiralongkorn enjoys watching video of people suffering.

In Thailand, the king has set up a prison and punishment camp in one of his palaces. Officials and military officers can be sent there for months for even minor offences. They are tortured, beaten and abused, on the orders of Vajiralongkorn.

In recent years, at least three people working for the king have died. The palace claims two of them committed suicide and the third died of a blood infection, but it’s widely known that all three were tortured and murdered.

Since 2016, nine Thai democracy activists who sought exile abroad have been murdered. There is overwhelming evidence they were killed by Thai soldiers obeying orders from Vajiralongkorn.

The king is above the law in Thailand, able to act with impunity.  The constitution gives him absolute power and nobody can bring civil or criminal charges against him.

He is protected and supported by ultra-royalist generals who lead the Thai armed forces. Like the monarchy, the Thai military is an enemy of democracy. Over the past century the army has seized power 12 times in military coups, and it meddles constantly in politics. Thailand has never been able to develop sustainable democracy, because the monarchy and military have conspired to undermine electoral politics. Vajiralongkorn has direct command of a force of more than 50,000 King’s Guard soldiers in Thailand to crush any dissent.

Four times in Thailand’s modern history — in 1973, 1976, 1992 and 2010 — the Thai military has massacred civilians who were protesting on the streets of Bangkok to demand democracy. The army has killed far more Thai civilians than it has ever killed foreign soldiers in a real war.

Vajiralongkorn is now on his fourth marriage. He abandoned and humiliated his first wife soon after they were married, and eventually divorced her. His second wife was banished from Thailand along with the couple’s four sons in 1996. He divorced his third wife in 2014, forcing her to live in house arrest and launching a brutal purge of her family. Her parents, three brothers, a sister, her uncle and several other relatives were imprisoned.

Vajiralongkorn married his current queen a year ago, but he rarely sees her, preferring to spend most of the time with his harem at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl, while his wife lives in a hotel in the Swiss town of Engelberg.

Vajiralongkorn is the wealthiest monarch in the world, with a personal fortune of more than 50 billion euros. But this wealth is not enough for him — each year he demands a vast amount from the state budget, funded by Thai taxpayer. This year the king is being paid more than 815 million euros from the Thai budget.

Ordinary people are desperate and starving as the covid-19 pandemic sweeps across Thailand and the world, while the king lives in luxury at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl, wasting vast sums of taxpayer money, and abusing his harem and servants. Staff who are beaten and abused don’t dare to approach German police, because they are terrified that their families back in Thailand would face retribution.

Most Thais are well aware of the crimes and cruelty of their king, but their voices are silenced by draconian laws. Anyone who criticises the monarchy faces years in jail.

It is not just Thais who are suffering because of King Vajiralongkorn. He is also a burden on German taxpayers, because the state has to pay for security and protection for him. He is committing human rights abuses on German soil — trafficking and abusing women, and brutalising his servants who he treats like slaves. Germans should not have to tolerate this happening in their country.

This is why Thai democracy activists support the PixelHELPER to take action.

We want the world to know about Vajiralongkorn’s corruption and cruelty.

We want him to stop torturing Thai people.

We want Germany to kick him out for breaking multiple laws.

We want him to face trial in Thailand for his crimes.

And we won’t stop our campaign until he is sent back home to face justice.

If you support us, please share our message, and please donate to PixelHELPER at our website: https://pixelhelper.org/en/hilfe/

Together, we can end Vajiralongkorn’s reign of fear, and bring true democracy to Thailand. 

Lightprojection onto the Townhall of Garmisch Partenkirchen